Children and Grandchildren of William.

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8/10/2011 at 5:35 AM

Mary Ann Triplett ( John (2) William (1) was born 14/12/ 1774 and married William Crabbe. She married 2nd husband John Couch Pasko on 21/07/11810 in Landulph, Cornwall. She had one child with Crabbe
John Couch Crabb b 10/04/1816 in landulph, Cornwall and died unknown date..

Charity (John (2) William (1) ) b 21/12/1777 in Landulph, Cornwall.
Ann Willow (John) b 23/01/11768 d 03/03/1839 in Cologett, Landulph, Cornwall. she married George Skinnerd on 03/03/1791 in Landulph, Cornwall. They had 1 child:-
William Skinnerd Triplett b 09/01/1791 in Landulph, Cornwall.

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