Requesting merges of large duplicate trees

Started by Hatte Blejer on Wednesday, August 10, 2011


8/10/2011 at 7:53 AM

I work in the Anglo-Normans, Normans, and Colonial America. After the crash I noticed that there were quite a few large duplicate trees in this area. Some of you power mergers who are extremely smart and helpful are requesting that these large duplicate trees be merged in with Master Profiles (MPs).

Normally I do this when requested. I have noticed that the merging takes an hour or more and that the cleaning up of all the resulting errors that are introduced takes another few hours. I had probably 8 such requests today in my in-box. This is particularly an issue in the early Medieval period where the duplicate trees tend to not be backed up with evidence and often contain unsubstantiated and erroneous data.

All the duplicate trees were created by new members from April - July 2011. I wrote them each a nice email explaining about the Big Tree and telling them what I would have to do to merge in their trees and asking them to delete their duplicate data. Of course I said that if they had substantiated edits to the Big Tree, I would be happy to edit the existing profiles.

I bring this to your attention because it would be very helpful to us if you notice large duplicate trees in the historical period, in addition to requesting that they be merged, if you would email the curator of the MP that is duplicated and bring this to their attention. What happens otherwise is that somewhere else the large tree gets merged in before the curator can email the new member and possibly avoid losing a day or more merging in a duplicate.

Also, I have not accepted the Merge Requests so if you are wondering why, that is why.

This is a constant issue with new members and it is totally understandable because they don't understand the Big Tree and because Search makes it hard to find the profiles they are adding to know if they are duplicating, so I don't blame them whatsoever.

If anyone has good ideas as to how to address this, it would be welcome. Right now, curators of historical lines spend a lot of time merging in duplicate trees, time which could be used more productively.

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