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John Edward Martin Jr
son of

1) John Edward Martin and Janice Fay Rogers

2) George Edward Martin-1917-1945, George was born in Rochester Ny, died in ww2 in epinal france, dad says it was an accident. UsArmy records show he died NON COMBAT. He was married to Margaret Wright (Bixby). I have no info on her.

3) James Royal Martin . -1886-1923, James was born in Ontario,Canada, he died in Wood, Ohio.
He was supposted to be a back woods wrestler. Also died in an accident. He married Mary Elizabeth Prey(1885-), daughter of William Prey. Also found marriage licence for Roy Martin and Alma Sherwood. Us Army in ohio. Says he widowed.

4) Thomas McKee Martin 1857-1910 was also born in Ontario,Canada. He died in Michigan USA. He was Married to Ida Alberta Sheffield(1863-1948) daughter of James Royal Sheffield and Sarah Elizabeth.

William Albert Martin..

5) Thomas McKee Martin sr. 1816-1899 was born is ballyshannon co. ireland and died in thurlow, Ontario Canada. Thomas was married to Sarah Eleanor Chapman(1817-1895). Daughter of Jeremiah CHapman

6) William Martin 1788-1852 was born in downs co, ireland and died in Hastings, Ontario, Canada. He was married to Ann McKee 1791-1871


Janice Fay Rogers

1) her parents are Darrell Rex Rogers (1921-1989) married Nell Joyce Pierce (1926-1986)

2) Nells parents where, CHarles Curry Pierce (1893-1955, Montcalm MI)and Margaret Cribbs 1900-1986 tampa florida;

3) Charles Curry Pierce is the son of Amiel Chestnut Pierce 1862-1948 bucksport NC and Idella Blake 1868-1954 horry south carolina
John B Blake-
4) Maggie Cribbs/Pierce was the daughter of Samuel Edward Cribbs (1866-1920 Hamilton Florida) and Callie Green/Cribbs (1871-1917 Georgia)
Samuel is son of Owen Brannick Cribbs (1839-1915 Bullock co. Georgia) and May Ann Matida Yates (1844-1918 Hamilton Florida);
5) Owen Cribbs son of Covington Cribbs (1791-1844 orangeburg,NC) and Sarah Cannon (1799-1868 Georgia)
----- Sarah Cannon D/0 Archibald Cannon and Mary Jordan

6)Mary Ann Yates Married Owen Cribbs, She was the daughter of William M Yates and Mary Cothern
7) William Yates S/o Burrell Yates (1771-1839) and Sara Cothern D/o Ezikiel Cothen and Jemima Smith



8)Burrell Yates son of William and Mary Tapp
9) William is the son of John IV, and Sara
10) John is the son of John III, and Elizabeth Kilgore D/o of Robert.
11) John III is the son of John JR (1694 Maryland)
12) John jr is son of John and Elizabeth Tucker.
13 John is the son of George Yates (1640 Birkshire,England) and Mary Wells (1631 Virginia), Mary is the D/O Dr Richard Wells and Frances White.

14) Dr Richard Wells and Francis White.. This Marriage gets confusing, Francis white's parents are listed as Sir RIchard White and Katherine Weston which fled england to Italy. One website deny's this marriage and says it has been disproven. Same website has her father as Sir RIchards brother. This relationship was denied cause of its heritiage to english royality.

Anyone who can help with any of my line please feel free to email me.

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