Please, do reconsider the merge policies

Started by Arne Pajula on Friday, August 12, 2011


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8/12/2011 at 2:08 AM

As of today the merging for normal dumbusers of Geni has been made impossible.
Just as a proof of concept I tried to emulate the dumbuser modus of operandi, and added to my father my mother again: Unknown Profile
Don't worry, you should not be able to see a thing, the profile is private by default! She is accounted as my stepmother. This is false, and try to mend my move by trying to merge this profile with my mother's profile (Milvi Pajula) which I do not have any direct managing rights, but my brother, and son do, and I even have a collaboration with them (just in case), and ideed I am her rather close relative. BTW, this profile is not privat.
And what is the result of my merge effort? I am unable to initiate this merge!
" What is this? Am I a chopped liver? This Geni just does not work!" Logout!
And that's the last time you see this dumbuser to log in, but he did leave a private profile to hang there, plus probably there is also users own profile which nobody can touch for next 9 months.

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