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Started by Christopher Andrew Fitzpatrick, Sr. on Friday, August 12, 2011


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8/12/2011 at 10:30 AM

Giessendanner says he was buried on his own plantation, with his grandaughter in the same grave. Should we correct that?

By the way, I have been up there, only had about 2 hours, but I couldn't really find anything. Markers were made out of wood and didn't survive. I visited quite a few 17th and 18th c graveyards on the way up to Orangeburg and quite a few had 4 to 5 inch stubby remains of blackened cypress(?) planks protruding from the ground. There is a possibility that we might find similar evidence on the old plantation, or perhaps some rock markers. A gal from the OGSGS said that cypress planks are the most likely, and very likely that there are little or no remains. The area has been heavily developed. The road out of Orangeburg however, is in much the same place it was deviating maybe 20 feet N or South. It now takes a turn and runs almost straight down the middle lengthwise. The home site most likely will be along the road, probably before the turn closer to the property corner on the Orangeburg side.

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