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My grandfather, Esra (aka Israel) Migden was a cornish maker (tinsmith) from Tarnopol, Galicia. When he arrived in NYC (lower-east-side) he firdt worked for Louis Kreindler in 1905 and they also became very good friends. When my g.f. became ill in the Spring of 1915 he trusted Louis Kreindler so much so that he appointed him to be Executor to his Last Will & Testament that year. When Esra Migden passed away on August 15, 1915, Louis Kreindler followed through with Probate Court and distributed the wishes of Esra on October 2, 1915. Without Louis Kreindler's help in handling the court papers it would have been very difficult for the yound descendents of Esra's to go on, since their mother, Clara Migden died in 1912 while giving birth to Charlie Migden. In 1915 Louis Kreindler's address was stated as 31 Pike St., Manhattan.
At the time of Esra's death he had made his own business named: Amalgamated Cornice & Skylight Co. (RTN) with Louis Ehrlich located at 161 Broome St., Manhattan, NY.
If anyone would like to contact me and discuss more about the two (2) men please e-mail me at the following: CRMIGDEN@CFL.RR.COM
I have been doing genealogical research for 15+ years and happy to discuss it.

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