Claude Adrian

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From facebook (28 nov 2008)
: Written by Regan Jules-Macquet

It is the family tradition that the origins of the family name Macquet, started with a MacKay. He was the captain of the ship on which Bonnie Prince Charlie travelled between France and Scotland. The first recorded Macquet was Claude Adrian, born about 1740 in La Rochelle in France. He married Marie Franscoise Boileau and had two children, Jean Charles Noel and a daughter. Jean was born on the 28th of May 1773 and he was christened at Paroisse Catholic Church, St John La Rochelle, on 18th of may 1777. Claude Adrian operated as a Corsair in the seas around Mauritius, and he served in the same fratille as Admiral Sourcoff. His son, Jean, apparently also commanded a ship. Hence, the family grew in both Mauritius and France. I have a family tree from Claude Adrian.

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