The parents and birthplace of Alice Pennington Flowers

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8/15/2011 at 5:41 PM

There is absolutely no evidence that Alice Pennington, wife of Robert Flowers, is the daughter of John Pennington and Alice Ward. There is nothing in the St. Stephens Parish, Cecil, Maryland church register that indicates that at all! I have looked at the film of that register.

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8/16/2011 at 8:39 AM

There is also an entry in OneWorldTree at which has Robert Flowers marrying Alice Pennington in St. Stephan's of Cecil, Maryland. This is based on a user-submitted World Tree GEDCOM that I have tried to have corrected, with no success so far. Again, the OneWorldTree index for non-subscribers only teases "Pennington" and "Cecil, Maryland." If you are subscribed, and logged-in at, then this same link will take you to the full index entry and the OneWorldTree computer generated tree, beyond.

I have examined the church register of St. Stephan's and there is no such marriage.

Bearing in mind the home bases of the 29th and 53rd Regiments of Foot and their proximity to Lancashire, England ( home to many Penningtons) ....I am of the opinion that Alice Pennington was born in 1753 and baptized on 8th of December 1753 in Colton, Lancashire, daughter of Christopher Pennington and Ann Jonson. (Christopher Pennington bap. 3 Feb 1721 son of Benjamin Pennington) ( Ann Jonson bap. 28 Jul 1731 daughter of Thos Jonson and Alice Pennington married on 10 Jun. 1727) all events in Colton, Lancashire .
Ann also had sisters Esther 1728, Elizabeth 1729, Jane 1732. Thos Jonson died 1733.
Just a theory at this point...but it seems to fit better than the Maryland theory.Note Cyndi Astles-Dalington is my partner.

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2/19/2015 at 7:11 AM

I researched this Alice Pennington from Coltan in 1999 and it's certainly possible that this is her. The problem is that there is also an Alice Pennington from Coltan who married a John Dixon in the same parish about thirty years later in the same parish. So, yes, it could be her if there are two Alices in that area. We'll never no for sure, though, until we can establish some other link to Alice Pennington of Coltan to the Alice Pennington of New Carlisle.

Thank you William. I will keep plugging away. Too bad the English records are lacking in parental associations. In my Netherlands family research, the records always indicate mother and father. I have been in regular contact with Marilyn Astle and she is part of our Family group.

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2/21/2015 at 11:12 AM

Also watch out for Peddingtons and Puddingtons - the names easily blur into each other, but the family lines are (usually) not the same.

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2/22/2015 at 4:50 AM

Yes, and also phonetic spellings like Pinnington and Pinington.

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