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To whom it may concern:

The following information was found on the internet.

The birthdate of Nicholas Shapleigh (Shapley) is NOT given.
Therefore, I suggest that birthdates be removed from these profiles.

They are obviously the same man.

I372: Nicholas SHAPLEY (____ - 15 FEB 1662/1663)

Nicholas SHAPLEY
____ - 15 FEB 1662/1663
• DEATH: 15 FEB 1662/1663
Family 1 : Ann
1.  Nicholas SHAPLEY
2.  Joseph SHAPLEY
3. +Benjamin SHAPLEY

Source: !MARRIAGE-DEATH: The Parkhurst Manuscript; Early Families of New London and 
Vicinity; Volume 23 R-S; 1938; p. 101
residence : Charlestown, Mass

Residence; Boston & Charlestown, Mass.

A mariner
Source: Charlestown Genealogies and Estates
vol. 2 p. 854

Kingsweare, Co. Devon; sells land in York to Treworgia, 1641

Nicholas Shapely, Captain of the "George" saled from Bristol, England
Sept. 28, 1635and arrived in Boston Nov. 7, 1635

m. Anne_________who d. Mar. 26, 1687 , ae 80,

Anne Shapley, prob., same, from Manchester, in town Oct. 14, 1686
(Selectmen's records)
Chosen town clerk July 27, 1662; d. Feb. 15 1662 or 3
Left in will 20 pounds per year to Benjamin (their son)

James Savage Dict.: His will "gave to his wife (Ann) ' the house in which Mr. Roswell lives, ' which was, of course, one of the best in that town.

Notes for Nicholas Shapley:
This rock, originally in the middle of Hampton River, indicated the start of the boundary line surveyed by Capt. Nicholas Shapley and marked by him "AD 1657-HB and SH" to determine the line between Hampton and Salisbury, HB meaning Hampton Bound and SH, Shapley's mark. Lost for many decades due to the shifting of the river's mouth, the original course of the river and the Bound Rock were rediscovered 1937. This historically important boulder, still serving as the boundary marker, was enclosed by the State of New Hampshire that same year.

To get to Bound Rock, take NH 1-A south, toward Seabrook. Take the first left past the bridge over the Hampton Harbor Inlet, which is Eisenhower Street. Follow Eisenhower to Campton Street, turn right onto Portsmouth Street, then left onto Woodstock Street.

This marker was erected in cooperation with the Town of Hampton.

Based on the 1640 southern boundary of Bachiler's farm, it was surveyed by Capt. Nicholas Shapley in 1657, dividing the Province of New Hampshire from the Massachusetts Bay Colony from 16891741. In 1662 three Quaker women, being banished from the territory, were freed south of here by Constable Walter Barefoot. Edward Gove, imprisoned in the Tower of London for leading the rebellion against Lt. Gov. Cranfield in 1683 lived nearby.

Located at the junction of US 1 and Rocks Road.

Records relating to the early ... - Google Books

Volume 3 page 359

By Boston Registry Department

17 (10) iSJUL Uppon the xvij*" day of Decembr. Before me Wm Aspinwall Notary & Tab: publ by Authority of the Gener" Court of the Massachusetts admitted & sworne psonally appeared mr Nathaniel Silvester of Barbados merch*. w°h Appearer required me the Notar afores1' for him & in his name to Demand of Cap*. Nicholas Shapley security for fifteene thousand eight hundd & twelve pounds of good merchantable well cured Muscavados Sugar to be pd unto him or his Assignes in Barbados wU*in six months after the Date hereof, a Copy of wch securitie is herewttall sent under mine hand.

Accordingly I the Notary aforesd at request aforesd & wth a draught of the security aforesd did repaire unto the sd Nicholas Shapley to demand him to firme the same, being for the like value Delivered to the sd Capt Shapley by the sd. Nathaniel Silvester, & uppon his denyall to firme the sd writeing I the Notary aforesd did ptest & by these pnts doe ptest against the sd Nicholas Shapley for all damages losses & interests wch the sd Appearer hath or further may suffer thereby, for all wch the sd Nich: Shapley shalbe responsall & lyable to make him due reparations in time & place Convenient. Thus done & passed; & the said writeing for securitie tendred to be firmed in presence of Capt John Allen of Charlstowne.

[Page 323.]
Know all men by these pnts that I Nicholas Shapley doe acknowledge my selfe indebted unto Mr Nathaniel Silvester of Barbados in the full & just summe of thirty one thousand six hundd twenty foure pounds of well cured Muscavados Sugar, to be pd unto him the sd Nathaniell Silvester or his Assignes at Barbados. Unto the true pformance whereof I the sd Nicholas Shapley doe bind my selfe mine heires ExecutoTM & AdministratoTM firmly by these prsents, & in witnes thereof have sett to my hand & scale this xviith of Decemb. 1650:
The Condition of this obligacon is such that if the above bounden Nicholas Shapley shall well & truly pay or cause to be pd unto the above named Nathaniel Silvester or his Atturney or Atturneyes Assigne or Assignes the full & just summe of fifteene thousand eight hundd & twelve pounds of good merchantable wel cured Muscavados Sugr at some convenient storehouse neere the Indian Bridge where the sd Nath: Silvester shall appoint, that then this obligcon shalbe utterly void & of none effect otherwise to remaine in full force & strength.
This above written I did prsent to Capt Nicholas Shapley in pnce of John Allen of Charlstowne merch* to be firmed wch he refused.

[pages 322-323]

(The final accounting of this problem is unknown.) EM Stanton, Compiler

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