Miklas and Thill European relatives both past and now.

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8/17/2011 at 10:17 AM

I am so interested in The Miklas history in Germany and the Thill history in Luxemburg. Do we still have relatives living in either country, are they open to chat? And, I would also love to connect w/ any relatives in Minnesota. Please contact me. I do remember my grandma..Hattie(Hedwig) Thill saying how she was a shirt tail cousin of The President of Austria and how he had lost 4 sons in WW11 and grandma used to write to him.

I am intrigued if we did have relatives in Germany..during WWll..what was it like for them etc. And, just the truth of how they coped in such a harsh situation.

I am also very interested in my relatives related to my grandfather..both in Luxemburg now and now in USA. George G. Thill.
I know zero about my relatives and the history of their lives in Luxemburg.

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