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@ Irene Weinberg
I have posted three recordings of Irene Weinberg which you are free to download. Irene Weinberg, my mother, was a native of Lwow, Poland( Lviv ,Ukraine) and survived in the open during the Holocaust in Lwow and Warsaw. After the war, she married Rabbi Wilhelm Weinberg, who served as first Landesrabbiner of Hesse after World War II:
Tape to her son, c 1976:
Taped interview with Reporter:
Video recording:

The Oral Testimony of Holocaust Survivor Irene Weinberg
I have posted this video recording made by my mother, Irene Weinberg, to add to the testimony of survivors of the Holocaust.
About this video:
"Irene Weinberg, a Jewish native of Lwow,Poland(Lviv, Ukraine), survived Nazi persecution in Lwow and Warsaw by living in the open as an Aryan Pole. This is here personal account, as told to Roseanne Herman and Rae Weisberger in 1994"

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