Sister Mary Columba

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8/20/2011 at 5:42 PM

May McDermott, my great aunt, was my grandmother, Maude Lillian Eichelberger McDermott's, good friend. She married May's brother, Martin, in 1900. May, as she was called by her family, took the name Sister Mary Columba, entered the Ursuline Convent as a nun at an early age. My husband, Gene Mason, and I visited her about 1960 at the Ursuline School where she was teaching kindergarden. We had 2 little boys and she advised us to take them and travel with them as much as we could. She said she had observed the children in her class that traveled a lot with their parents were much smarter and well adjusted than the ones that didn't. Her head and spine were bent and twisted. My mother said she was like that from looking at the blackboard in the classroom. I think there was more to it than looking at the blackboard. Every summer the nuns from her convent went on the train to Texas for the summer. The train would come through Little Rock and we would go down and visit her at the train station. It was always and adventure for the nuns. I know now it was hot, no airconditioning, etc. but we didn't know any different. She was 84 years old when she died. Cynthia Rushing Mason

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