Augustin McDermitt

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My 2ggrandfather, Augustin McDermitt, was born in 1814 in Hundington county, Pa. His wife, Frances Sauffer, was also born in Pa. in 1821. He was a hotel keeper at one time. .He moved to Piedmont, West Virginia, in 1866. He was an engineer on the Old State Railroad for 20 years and the Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad for 14 years. He was mayor for 2 years of Piedmont, W.V. and a Justice of the peace. In the 1880 census he listed he was lame or maimed. He and Frances had 9 children. My great grandfather was the oldest child, Daniel J.McDermott, born in Pennsylvania in 1840, schooled in Mt. Savage, Md. He worked, at 13, as a laborer for the railroads and in 1862 he became a fireman for the Baltimore and Ohio railroad. He used to tell my mother exciting stories about working on the trains and being attacked by Indians and Civil War soldiers. In his obituary it mentions him being one of the engineers that drove Abraham Lincoln to his inauguration. In 1871 he was an engineer on Cumberland, Pa. In 1880, he moves his family to Desoto, Mo. and becomes an engineer with the St. Lois Iron Railroad. My grandfather, Martin, age 7, got off the train in Desoto, Mo. looking for Indians because they were in the West. Cynthia Mason

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