Brief History of Peralomootil, Kallopara

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Our family history starts from AD.52 when St. Thomas came to Kodugalloor and preaching Christianity among Hindus in Kerala. Many upper class Hindu Brahmins were converted to Christians by Thomas Apostle. Our Valiapithavu (great great grandfather) Thommy (Thomas) belonged to the great "Pakalomattom" Brahmin Tharavadu of Kuravilagadu. The first Malakara Marthoma Alkathayakon was from the Pakalomattom family and till the end of 17th Century Malankara Christians were guided by the Alkathayakians.

Peralommootil family history dates back only to 1700 A.D when our known Valiapithavu came from Kuravilagadu to settle down at Kallopra and he is considered as our First Generation father. Valiapithavu Thommy belonged to Kudukaserry branch of the Pakalomattom Tharavadu and stayed in a house name Karavadaseery at Kuravilagadu.

There is no known reason why our Valiapithavu came to Kallopara but it is logical to believe that he was brought to Kallopara by the order of the ruler of Thiruvithamkoor, the great Marthanda Varma Maharajha, to touch the offertory of lower castes people before it is acceptable to the temple (It is believed that if an upper class non-Hindu touches the offertory of the lower caste Hindu it will be blessed to receive by a Hindu temple). Our Valiapithavu Thommy was staying in a double story building near temple built by the temple authorities and was exempted from all government taxes. There was a big fig tree (Peral) was near the house and that is the reason was naming the house as Peralomootil and that Peral was cut in 1945 by the temple authorities. Our Valiapithavu Thommy had 6 sons and they are our Second Generation forefathers.

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