Christmas at Aunt Birdie's house

Started by Pamela Marie Ferguson on Saturday, August 27, 2011


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8/27/2011 at 11:37 AM

I remember as a small child going to my great Aunt Birdie's house on Christmas eve. She had a perfectly decorated table top tree, replete with tinsel and train and village underneath. She fed us a delicious dinner and had REAL butter, not margerine. She gave us some wonderful presents (a china teaset) that I never forgot. She also allowed us the use of her summer house on Newport peninsula and we had great times there. I would get up at 3-4 am and walk to the pier and watch them catch sharks! It was perfectly safe to do that then I guess as I was pretty young, like 10 or so. Great memories:) She cared for my Mother after her Mother died until my Mom went to Nursing school in San Francisco where she met, and married my Father who was in Residency at Children's Hospital in S. San Francisco. I remember the house we lived in in San Francisco and driving across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Rafael to the city. The great expansion arms of the bridge were huge.

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