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  • Ruthanne Hendrickson March 23, 2011 at 6:54 PM

    I knoq all about Anne Frank, but what is the significance of putting this on geni?

  • Private User March 24, 2011 at 4:14 AM

    Hi Ruthanne,
    I only added a URL on the project page, for I think it's good to have Dutch information on Geni for Dutch users and then the WIKIPEDIA is an easy way to read about it. By doing so I can also organise relevant information on my project pages without the need to write it again. For most of it is on the internet already, but often you don'n have the time or experience to find it. I added this information at Anne's profile page and her project page, but to my opinion it's not very useful when -like Anne Frank- famous people are on to many project-pages. So why did they make a page for her, while there is so much information in many languages about her on the internet? I got the impression it was the initiative of someone who made a study of her, but did not even add documents or other information. Do you manage project-pages yourself and what is your experience? groetjenu, jMu.


Annelies Marie (Anne) Frank (Frankfurt am Main, 12 juni 1929 – Bergen-Belsen, begin maart[1]1945) was een uit Duitsland afkomstig Joods meisje dat bekend is geworden door het dagboek dat ze schreef tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog, toen ze was ondergedoken in Amsterdam. Zij stierf aan uitputting en/of vlektyfus in het concentratiekamp Bergen-Belsen. Het dagboek is postuum gepubliceerd en later vertaald in vele talen. Het boek heeft inmiddels een oplage van vele miljoenen.


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