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New Providence, The Bahamas


fils - son
filia - daughter
nat - born
die - day
primo - first
2do - secundo - 2nd
6to - sexto - 6th
7mo - septimo - 7th
8mo - octavo - 8th
decimo/mus - 10th
decimo 6to - 16th
vicesmo/mus - 20th
vicesmo primo -21st
tricesimo/mus - 30th
utl, ultimo - late


A List of Christenings
from 1723 to 1725 - Providence
1 Thomas fis Davidis et Elizabetha Constable nat 13 June.
13 Johannis fis Johannis et Prudentia Wood nat decimo 7 die May.
16 Johannis fis Johan et Honoria Sans nat vo? (20th?) day May 1718.
16 Martha filia Johannis et Honoria Sans nat primo die Martis? (May, March?) 1717.
Elizabetha fils Johan et Sarah Lowden nat decimo 5 die May 1722.
20 Philipus fils Johan et Katherine Cockern nat vicesmo 3 die Septembris 1722.
6 Susannah filia Anthonius et Susannah Long nat tricesmo primo die August 1723
Susannah filia Joseph et Maria Watkins nat 1719
1 Sarah fils Robert et Sarah Brown nat decimo secundo die Ocober 1722
4 Ruth filia Thomas et Maria Sanders
Sarah filia Abraham et Rebecca Fisher
10 Martha filia Benjaminis et Eliz. Tabor nat 7mo die Septembris 1723
15 Martha fils Leonardis et ??? Harper
24 Catharina filia Johannis et Rosanna Blay nat decimo 6to die Decembris 1724
31 Susannah filius Samuelis et Sarah Lawford
14 John filius John et Ruth Barnet nat decimo octavo die January 1725
20 Elizabeth filius Johannis et Susanna Walker nat -
14 John filius Benjaminis et Lationha?? Bullock nat vicesmo octavo die Decembris
20 Charlotte filia George et Sarae Raddon
4 Elizabeth filia Johannis et Marice Simonet

4 Michael Daniel fl Guliolmus et Elizabetha Belon
8 John filius George et Marice Capshort? natus utl die Aprilis
13 Lucy fil Johannis et Frances Aymard? Octavo die May 1724
7 George Frederick filius Michaelis et Katherina Blocker nat 21 February

(End Palatines)


24 Cathrina fil Johannis et Rosanna Blay nat 16mo die Decmbris 1724
31 Susanna fil Samuelis et Sarah Lawford
19 Johannis fil Thomee??? et Ruthee Barnet nat 10mo die January
28 Elizabetha fil Johannis et Susanna Walker
14 Johannis fil Benja. et Patientia Bullock nat 28mo die Decembris
28 Charlotta fil Georgis et Elizabethee Raddon
4 Elizabetha fil Johannis et Mariee Simonet
7 Georgius Fredericus fil Michaelis Blocker
23 Elizabetha fil Johannis et Mariee ??? nat 5to die Novembris
26 Johannes Michael fil Johannis et Maria Barbara Blocker nat 22mo February 1721 et Maria fil Johannis et Maria Barbara Blocker nat 14mo Martis 1724
28 Judith fil Claudis et Elizabetha Bellon nat 7mo die Martis
9 Elizabetha fil Guliel et Elizabetha Pinder
29 Johannes fil Edvardis et Susanna Bounce/Bourne nat 19mo die May
6 Mary [filia] Gulielmi et Elizabetha Lyford nat 13mo Aprilis
20 Elizabetha fil Guliel et Maria Thompson nat 1m0 Martis
Sarah fil Jos. et Anne Thompson nat 4to February
Jos. fil Johan et Maria Tedder nat 13 Octobris
Elizabetha fil Jacobi et Kath[erine] Roberts net 26 February
Sarah fil Abadnegonis et Sarae Morton nat 26mo May
?? Jas/Jos/Jno? fil Jas/Jos/Jno? et Elizabetha Hall nat 19mo die Aprilis


Married 1725
28 Christopher Blake (Bachelor) & Bridget Welsh (Spinster)
17 Abraham Fisher (Widower) & Elizabeth Hunter (Widow)
11 Edward Carr (Bachelor) & Ann Carter (Spinster)
29 Peter Current (Bachelor) & Elizabeth Hinkley (Widow)
17 Boyer Gething (Bachelor) & Mary Thompson (Spinster)
21 Charles Connor (Bachelor) & Mary Gibbons (Spinster)
14 Charles Lystratt (Bachelor) & Anne Hardy (Spinster)
21 John Capshaw (Bachelor) & Elizabeth Croskins (Widow)
25 Edward Blay (Bachelor) & Ann Allen (Widow)
19 Thomas Stroud (Bachelor) & Mary Philize (Spinster)
29 Andrew Flemming (Bachelor) & Eliza Allen (Widow)
2 Robert Broson (Widower) & Esther Bossard (Spinster)
26 John Pinder (Bachelor) & Sarah Spencer (Spinster)

Buried 1725
January 5 Mary Harvey
May 19 Elizabeth fil Gulielmi et Elizabetha Pindar
July 11 Robert Adams, Soldier
July 16 Maria fil Gulielmi et Maria Waters
August 17 John Allen Gunner of 3rd? Garrison
October 17 Elizabeth Morton October? 10mo?
November 25 Daniel Saunders of Harbour Island


New Providence 20th April 1727
My Lord

I hope your Lordship received my last of the
5th of February 1725/6 which I sent home by Capt. Cabe/Cale?
in the Ship Joseph.

I am new to acquainth? your Lordship the
Mr. Curphey being uneasy in his private Circumstances
has an Inclination to leave this place and as soon as
he can settle his affairs here he intends to depart hence
????????? your Lordship to take the Affairs
of his Church into your consideration that he may
be supplied with a minister with the earliest
opportunity and douce? but out your Lordship will
be well informed of his Morals as well as learning.

???? here hoping
??? Happiness to be? your ????
Lordship? and ???? Circumstances before you.
For my self I humbly beg your Lordship's
Prayers and am
My Lord
Your ???
most humble and most obed't Servant
G. Purney? Renney?

D. Bishop of London


Harbour Island Oct'r 20 1724

These are to certify that the Rev'd Mr. Thomas Curphy Chaplain to His Maj'ties Forces arrived at Fort Nassau and Minister of H. Church Parish on Providence at his visitation of this Island and before an assembly of this Island at a house set apart for the service and worship of God; after due pains and a ??? examination of Joseph Force aged nineteen years and Anne Force twenty one years or thereabouts, as the children of Nathan'l & Sarah Force the Father a Negro & the mother a Mulatto both free people; Baptised the s'd Joseph & Anne Force at the place of worship afors'd and in the presense of the Island the afors'd; and gave them exhortations suitable to be given to such converts to the satisfaction of all persons there present and in particular to us the subscribers.

Jos'ph Thompson
Jno Curry
James Pye
John Gorfin
Thom's Saunders

Wm Thompson, Justice
Richard Thorton one office???? council for this? Island
William Hale
Benja[min] Sweeting
Seaborne Pindar
Jno Thompson
Nathaniel Coverly?
Jno Sweeting
Thomas Garfling? Sarling?
Wm. Thompson


We the underwritten members of his Majestys council for the Bahama
Islands do by these presents certify and make known that at the arrival
of his Excellency Governor Phenney in November 1721 Fort Nassau was in a
very runraw condition three of the angles being broken down and large breaches
at the parapels of plank filled up with earth being entirely decayed and gone
and the officers rooms and guard house very much out of repair upon which
the said Governor Phenney whose whole study & employment here as been
for his Majesty's service and the benefit & security of this colony applyed
himself forthwith to repair and augment the same and hath with incredible
labour apiduily? and pains erected three entire new bastions of stone. That
called King George's Bastion built in the water twenty foot high irregular
the better to command the barr* Channel of the Harbour with a large water
table the face to the barr being 48 foot that to the northward 24 1/2 the eastern
flank 24 1/2; the southern 16. Seven foot and a half at the foundation retire
1/2 a foot at the surface & two inches each foot ???? filled up with a layer of
earth & a layer of stone well rammed that it is quite solid. The other two
bastions regular 22 foot in flank be in fact 12 high, built, filled up and
solid as the other
He the said Governor has also added a strengthening wall to part of the
eastern curtain 2 foot thick 8 foot high & 32 long with a sally port 8 foot thick
arch'd with brick and 305 1/2 foot of parapel stone two foot high upon the
western, northern & eastern curtains and the Prince's Bastion.
He has likewise set up about the fort a strong pallisade of 84 posts
12 foot long 8 inches square and 1205 pallisades 8 foot high & 6 inches square
with a strong madera plank gate.
Besides the repairations of the guard house making new bomb chests
centry boxes brans plantions & stats in order for a rampart to the southern
curtain ??.
And there being nothing to secure the eastern entrance of the harbour the said governor has begun a small fort of 60 foot square already upwards of 6 foot high which when finished will be very sufficient to hinder the passage of any vessels whatsoever that way.
And out of the regard to truth, justice, & the meritt of our S'd Governor
we the underwritten think our labours obliged to make this acknowledgement
and testification given under our hands at New Providence this second
day of December 1727.

Tho's Spencer
Tho's Barnett
Will'm Pinder
Will'm Jones
Sam'l Watkins
Benj. Saunders
R'd Thompson Jr.
W. Farfax
Rich'd Thompson
W'm Spatchers
J. Howell


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