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Marriage - uploaded by Private User on January 21, 2013


Nicolaas Labat First Name Nicolaas
Nicolaas Labat Middle Name
Nicolaas Labat Last Name Labat
Nicolaas Labat Birth Surname Labat
Nicolaas Labat Place of Birth Pointru (Bordeaux, France)
Nicolaas Labat Living Status Deceased
Jan Olivier, a1b3 First Name Jan
Jan Olivier, a1b3 Last Name Olivier
Jan Olivier, a1b3 Birth Surname Olivier
Jan Olivier, a1b3 Display Name
Jan Olivier, a1b3 Also Known As Johannes, Jan
Jan Olivier, a1b3 Place of Birth Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Jan Olivier, a1b3 Living Status Deceased
Jan Olivier, a1b3 Gender Male
Helena Burger b4 First Name Helena
Helena Burger b4 Birth Surname Burger
Helena Burger b4 Display Name Helena Burger b4
Helena Burger b4 Place of Birth Paarl, Cape Winelands, Western Cape, South Africa
Helena Burger b4 Living Status Deceased
Helena Burger b4 Gender Female
Geertruida Blom, b3 SM First Name Geertruida Marriage
Geertruida Blom, b3 SM Last Name Blom Marriage
Geertruida Blom, b3 SM Birth Surname Blom Marriage
Geertruida Blom, b3 SM Display Name Marriage
Geertruida Blom, b3 SM Also Known As Marriage
Geertruida Blom, b3 SM Place of Birth Cape, South Africa Marriage
Pieter Booyens SV/PROG First Name Pieter Marriage
Pieter Booyens SV/PROG Last Name Boeiens Marriage
Pieter Booyens SV/PROG Birth Surname BOEIENS Marriage
Pieter Booyens SV/PROG Display Name Pieter Booyens SV/PROG Marriage
Pieter Booyens SV/PROG Place of Birth Blokzijl, Steenwijkerland, Overijssel, The Netherlands Marriage
Pieter Booyens SV/PROG Living Status Deceased Marriage
Pieter Booyens SV/PROG Gender Male Marriage
Geertruida Blom, b3 SM Living Status Deceased Marriage
Geertruida Blom, b3 SM Gender Female Marriage
Elisabeth Vivier, b2 First Name Elisabeth
Elisabeth Vivier, b2 Last Name Vivier
Elisabeth Vivier, b2 Birth Surname Vivier
Elisabeth Vivier, b2 Display Name
Elisabeth Vivier, b2 Also Known As Isabeau van Wyk, du Preez, Eykhoff, wed. Labat & Eijkhoff
Elisabeth Vivier, b2 Place of Birth Paarl, Drakenstein, Cape of Good Hopre
Elisabeth Vivier, b2 Living Status Deceased
Elisabeth Vivier, b2 Gender Female


Drakenstein, Kaap, Suid Afrika


Huweliksregister Drakenstein 1717-1749