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  • George J. Homs April 30, 2011 at 11:43 AM

    I've drawn my own map of the county of Loon/Looz. It corresponds pretty much with Droysen's map. However, it is essentially totally impossible to draw a real map. History learns that this particular county had significant enclaves from the duchy of Brabant and the Bishopry of Liège. In the space of 300 years, many small parts were transmitted to new 'owners'/ The county of Loon/Looz never had perfect boundaries, but is was certainly a crossroads for always changing allegiances with 'higher nobility' like the 'German' Emperors, Rome and (in this particular case), the dukes of Brabant.
    Doing your own map helps, however, to better understand the realities of that time, and to forge a better judgement of the reasons how noble families evolved. To be continued.


Borgloon, Flemish Region, Belgium


Regional map with the counties around Loon / Looz. This map is a snapshot of the bigger map published by Droysen in 1886, showing the German empire under the Hohenstaufens.

An interesting collection of Droysen maps can be found here: http://www.maproom.org/00/08/index.php

(Thanks to Ann Ramsey for pointing to this map)

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