Graafschap van Loon / Comté de Looz - 11th-13th century

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Borgloon, Flemish Region, Belgium


Approximate map of the County of Loon/Looz - 11th-13th centuries. (Sources: Baerten, Vanderkindere, Hansay).

The boundaries can never be precise, as there were changing allegiances and ownerships of local possessions.

The seat of the county is today's city of Borgloon.
The approximate size of the county is about 1500km².

Color codes:
- RED: the possessions/controls of Liège
- PINK: the possession/controls of Brabant
- YELLOW: various possessions related to Maastricht, Horn, Thorn and abbeys
- GREEN (without icon): possessions/controls of Duras
- GREEN (with icon): possessions/controls of Loon/Looz

Duras came under control of Loon/Looz in the 11th century, but maintained some sort of identity and was used to convey titles and rights within branches of the van Loon / de Looz family.

(A Google Earth KMZ file can be supplied on request)

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