Wood Notes: Review of A Sand County Almanac

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uploaded by Erica Howton on April 20, 2012

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of a seminal work by a weekend homesteader, teacher, philosopher, and the man proclaimed by many as the father of the modern conservation movement. Aldo Leopold died in 1948 without seeing his book in print, but when A Sand County Almanac was published in 1949 it spoke his voice clearly and plainly, and has had a profound effect on its readers ever since. On its fiftieth birthday, there's a beautiful, hardcover anniversary edition of A Sand County Almanac available, along with a paperback edition in its umpteenth printing. If you haven't read A Sand County Almanac (or you haven't read it in awhile), get the anniversary edition or the paperback and dive in. Leopold's message is both timely and timeless, and deserves another look as we pass into a new millennium.

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