Honor Rockwell's Will

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The will of Honor Rockwell executed in Dorchester, Dorset County, England 19 July 1637, mentions "— I give and bequeath unto Six of my Grandchildren the Sonnes and Daughters of my Son Richard deceased, Thomas, Joseph, Nathaniell, Samuell, Deberath and Mary Twenty Shillings apeece to be paid unto them and to Either of them when they shall come of Age – - – I give unto my Son Roger Rockwells Childern ten shillings apeece – - – I give to all my grandchildern in new england, both sonnes and daughters of Richard Rockwell William Rockwell and John Rockwell twelve pence apeece to be paide at the age of one and twenty years – - -"

From "The Rockwell Family" by Francis W. Rockwell 1924, p. 189

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Dorchester, Dorset, UK