The Mayflower Compact

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    The following list of 41 male passengers who signed was supplied by Bradford's nephew Nathaniel Morton in his 1669 New England's Memorial.[14] The two earlier versions of the compact, Mourt's Relation (1622) and Bradford's manuscript Of Plimoth Plantation (1646), do not give a list of signers.

    1.John Carver
    2.William Bradford
    3.Edward Winslow
    4.William Brewster
    5.Isaac Allerton
    6.Miles Standish
    7.John Alden
    8.Samuel Fuller
    9.Christopher Martin
    10.William Mullins
    11.William White
    12.Richard Warren
    13.John Howland
    14.Stephen Hopkins
    15.Edward Tilly
    16.John Tilly
    17.Francis Cooke (sic)
    18.Thomas Rogers
    19.Thomas Tinker
    20.John Ridgdale
    21.Edward Fuller
    22.John Turner
    23.Francis Eaton
    24.James Chilton
    25.John Craxton (sic)
    26.John Billington
    27.Joses Fletcher (sic)
    28.John Goodman
    29.Digery Priest (sic)
    30.Thomas Williams
    31.Gilbert Winslow
    32.Edmund Margeson
    33.Peter Brown
    34.Richard Bitteridge (sic)
    35.George Soule
    36.Richard Clark (sic)
    37.Richard Gardiner
    38.John Allerton
    39.Thomas English
    40.Edward Doten (sic)
    41.Edward Leister

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William Bradford wrote the first part of Mourt's Relation, including the compact, so he wrote two of the three versions. The wording of those two versions is indeed quite similar, unlike that of Morton. Bradford's hand written manuscript is kept in a vault at the State Library of Massachusetts.[11]