Heraldic Achievement elements

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uploaded by Erica Howton on 7/24/2015

From http://vita-brevis.org/2015/07/heraldry-coats-of-arms/#more-4197

The components of a complete heraldic achievement include:[3]

The Escutcheon – the shield, the focal point of the achievement
The Crest – the symbol on the top of the achievement, usually worn on top of a helmet
The Torse, or Wreath – sometimes appears as a twisted piece of fabric below the crest
The Mantling – the drapery tied to the helmet above the shield
The Helm/Helmet – often varies by rank or social status
The Coronet – a small crown
Supporters – small figures often holding upon the shield
Motto – if possessed by bearer
Badge – if possessed by bearer
Order – if possessed by bearer
The shape of the Escutcheon varied by region and over time.[4] On the Escutcheon, there are nine points where symbols (known as charges) could be placed. (See the diagram below for more detail.) For a detailed description regarding the meaning of different charges, visit http://www.fleurdelis.com/meanings.htm

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