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    Marriages of third cousins common occurrence in Drašnice and Podgora
    Detailed research oh genealogy of Drašnice and Podgora, Natalija, Lara, Matija and Jadranka, have confirmed the fact that has always been unspoken ‘secret’. As we go further back on the tree, we encounter more and more of ‘x3’ and ‘x3’ which mark profiles that appear more then once on that family tree, either on blood line or one by marriage. It is clear, from the data we analysed that in our small villages, people have married their third cousins – says Natalija.

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    Virtual genealogy - Last 3 years of Natalija’s and Lara’s work
    Natalija and Lara have entered together almost 11,000 profiles on Geni. Podgora is the best document place with records going back to 1570, followed by Drašnice for which two of Drašnice’s daughter’s-in-law have documented 9 generations

    It used to be that searching for your roots meant long hours looking for information. Today, using Geni’s Internet page, it is only a click away, providing that your tree is researched well.
    If you are by some luck from Podgora, then is almost certain that you are already there on Geni, as Podgora is the best researched place on the whole Riviera. It was huge undertaking by Jadranka Sunde, niece of Smiljana Šunde and Matija Borić, that we have Podgora’s family tree9s dating back to 1570, with 11 generations of Podgora’s families documented. There is no person from Podgora who ill not find themselves on this tree says Natalija, who is from Podgora, married in Drašnice. Natalija, together with her neighbour from Drašnice, Lara, with Jadranka and Matija are the most active Internet genealogy quartet.
    Lara started with family geology by chance. While sorting out family archives, she has found marriage documents, gifts contracts; she was intrigued by beautifully written old testaments from her husband’s Robert’s family. She started

  • Private User February 22, 2011 at 3:28 PM

    Congratulations to all parties. a very creditable achievement that we can all be proud of!

  • Private User February 23, 2011 at 1:10 AM

    iskrene čestitke!


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