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    Future medical doctor Matija Borić
    Matija Borić, 21 year old student of medicine, son of Doctor Teo Borić, is the most for the fact that on Podgora’s trees we can find profiles from 17th century. He was the one who have found church books from 1621, translated it from ‘bosančica’. This student from Split, is the one who helps our two Drašnice’s genealogists in finding their way in this old script when they encounter it in old church records for births, death and marriages.

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    We deal with people’s names and their personal information and there is no room for errors. They do happen, sometimes, but we make sure to correct them, soon we notice some, Lara explains, adding that the most problems they encounter is when people start using Geni and create their own tree , not realising that their family already exists on Geni. This causes profiles to be duplicated, and makes the work of pro members difficult.

    ‘Geni’s brain
    For situations like this, Lara and Natalija in every moment can reach to Jadranka. She is, as we discover from Lara and Natalija, the real ‘Geni brain’ for area of Podgora municipality. She has entered 14,397 names which puts her on the top of the list of records contributors.
    When I spoke to my aunty Smiljana, who gave me original data for Podgora, and tried to explain to her what I did with it, she thought that I was joking. Actually, she used to say to me, that there is nothing she does not know about Podgora ancestry. But, this summer, when I visited her in Podgora I have shown her a page on Geni she was more than pleasantly surprised – we heard from Jadranka who was on the direct link from Adelaide (they wrote Sydney which is an error), who also added that she thinks that the biggest advantage of Geni is linking relatives that might have otherwise never met or not even known about each other.

    Next in line, Tučepi and Brela
    Long before Intent and Geni which has currently 28 million profiles, mostly priests have looked after history in small villages in which they have. Such documents


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