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Newspapers - uploaded by Lara Urlić(Bartulović) on June 7, 2011

June 2, 2011

Podgora, Hrvatska


Jadranka Šunde, Natalija Letica-Urlić, Lara Urlić and Matija Borić have come up with the idea how to teach children history of our reagion in a modern way. Their idea was presented as a scientific paper recently during International conference in Opatija where it received excellent reviews
How to make history lessons interesting for primary and high school children using modern technologies, was an idea presented jointly by Jadranka Šunde, Natalija Letica-Urlić, Lara Urlić and Matija Borić . The work was presented recently during 34th MIPRO International Convention on Information and Communication Technology
Electronics and Microelectronics where their work was well received by numerous participants who attended the presentation given by Jadranka Šunde

Friends 'complaints' are to be blamed

It all started by Natalija complaining to me that it appears her children learn very little about history of our region in school. I was thinking how to solve that problem using computers and realised that Geni could be ideal tool as it is both database of historical information and place where we can present local history in interesting way, explained to us Jadranka Šunde last week in Podgora

As she was already intensively collaborating with Natalija Urlić-Letica nad Lara Urlić, both married in Drašnice, she could not think of better 'strategic partners' for this research. Matija Borić, of Podgora's descent living in Split and soon to be a medical doctor, joined out three ladies, so they started their intensive work last October as the work needed to be finished by February.

- In fact, it was easier on me then three of them, as I was coming up with ideas and was creating tasks for Natalija, Lara and Matija. It was three of them that did most of the work, Jadranka Šunde said with a smile.

'Croatian portal' as a founding stone

In a first instance it is hard to see the link between family trees on the internet and teaching history, but the link is definitely there. Two years ago, when our newspapers first features work of our authors, they have made a huge step forward. Not only that number of profiles entered by each of them exceeds 15,000, the information they are sourcing have reveled some intriguing information.

Ready for new surprises
Mister y of Podgora's twins soon to be revealed

Phenomena of Podgora's twins was subject of both local and national media attention few times.
While we could not get detailed information in advance of their new scientific paper ibeing published in one of respected anthropological journals, Jadranka Šunde, Natalija Letica-Urlić and Lara Urlić hinted that there is sensational scientific work which will be based on facts and comprehensive research.
- We have discovered extremely interesting information, and have compared our data not only with our region but Croatia and other European countries. We have also developed programs for visualisation and from different graphs have documented that occurrence of twins can be associated to numerous factors, from socio-historical to environmental. Podgora still appears unique - Jadranka Šunde added mysteriously.


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