United Irishmen

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Society of United Irishmen

The Society of United Irishmen (Irish: Cumann na nÉireannach Aontaithe) was founded as a liberal political organisation in eighteenth century Ireland that sought Parliamentary reform. However, it evolved into a revolutionary republican organisation, inspired by the American Revolution and allied with Revolutionary France. It launched the Irish Rebellion of 1798 with the objective of ending British monarchical rule over Ireland and founding an independent Irish republic.

Samuel Neilson Bagenal Harvey (United Irishmen commander) William Drennan Robert Emmet Thomas Addis Emmet Michael Dwyer Staker Wallace The Sheares Brothers James Hope Henry Joy McCracken James Orr William Orr William Sampson James Napper Tandy Archibald Hamilton Rowan Theobald Wolfe Tone Thomas Muir (political reformer) Leonard McNally (informer)
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