Monument at Bloody Brook

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Josiah Dodge Place of Death Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts
Josiah Dodge First Name Josiah Josiah
Josiah Dodge Date of Death 9/18/1675 Sept. 18, 1675
Josiah Dodge Last Name Dodge Dodge


Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts, United States


Source: Findagrave

Cemetery notes and/or description:
The slab that marks the mass grave is about 400 feet south of the monument that memorializes the event. The Massachusetts Historical Commission does not refer to this mass grave in MACRIS.

The mass grave was marked in 1838 with a flagstone bearing Lothrop's name and an inscription about the event; the site was excavated beforehand to confirm the presence of remains. A taller monument to the tragedy was later erected nearby. The grave, monument, and site of battle are located in South Deerfield, Franklin County, western Massachusetts.

According to Eben Putnam, Lothrop's men were "almost entirely from the county of Essex," which borders the Atlantic coast. This is why fishermen and ship's carpenters are found among the dead of this battle to defend farm settlements along the western frontier. The teamsters, on the other hand, mainly lived in the newly settled area in and around Deerfield.


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