Pioneer Immigrants to Utah Territory

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Name: Elizabeth Coffin
Gender: female
Birth Date: 18 Oct 1807
Birth Place: Montgomery County, Virginia
Parent1: William Coffin
Parent2: Mary Duncan (Dunkin)
Spouse: Rawson, Horace Strong
Marriage Date: 09 Oct 1825
Marriage Place: Wash Conty, Indiana
Departure Date: 1850
Travel Company: Husband, Children: William Coffnt -18, Sarah – 16, Chloe Ann -14, Arthur Morrison – 10, Sarah Urinda – 6, Cyrus – 4, Horace Franklin – 2.
Party: Wilford Woodruff Co., Capf, E.
Trail: Whipple 10 Families
Religion: LDS
Place Settled: Ogden, Farminaton
Sources: Rawson-Coffin Family Pictures and History (4 books) abt 1936 thro 1950 by Lois Owen Chapman
Sub Name: J. I. Owen
Sub Date: 12 Nov 1991
Pioneer Immigrants to Utah Territory.

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Arthur Morrison Rawson, Sr. Date of Birth 6/17/1840
Arthur Morrison Rawson, Sr. Last Name Rawson
Arthur Morrison Rawson, Sr. Middle Name Morrison
Arthur Morrison Rawson, Sr. First Name Arthur
Elizabeth Rawson First Name Elizabeth
Elizabeth Rawson Maiden Name
Elizabeth Rawson Date of Birth 10/18/1807
Elizabeth Rawson Place of Birth Montgomery, Virginia
Mary Elizabeth Coffin First Name Mary
Mary Elizabeth Coffin Last Name Coffin
William Coffin Rawson First Name William
William Coffin Rawson Last Name Rawson
William Coffin Rawson Date of Birth 1/13/1832
Sariah (Sarah) Rawson, Twin First Name Sariah
Sariah (Sarah) Rawson, Twin Last Name Rawson
Sariah (Sarah) Rawson, Twin Date of Birth 3/15/1834
Cyrus Rawson First Name Cyrus
Cyrus Rawson Last Name Rawson
Cyrus Rawson Date of Birth 6/15/1846
Sarah Arinda Rawson First Name Sarah
Sarah Arinda Rawson Middle Name Arinda
Sarah Arinda Rawson Maiden Name
Sarah Arinda Rawson Date of Birth 2/8/1844
Chloe Ann Rawson First Name Chloe
Chloe Ann Rawson Middle Name Ann
Chloe Ann Rawson Last Name Rawson
Chloe Ann Rawson Date of Birth 8/15/1836
Horace Franklin Rawson First Name Horace
Horace Franklin Rawson Last Name Rawson
Horace Franklin Rawson Date of Birth 10/9/1848


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