Harvey Weinstein at Cry, the Beloved Country world premiere, 1995

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" Tonight I want to tell you about the time I saw Robert De Niro cry. Nelson Mandela came to New York City, and Mr. De Niro, myself and my brother are partners in the Tribeca Film Center, and Mandela came to speak to various members of the American Film Industry. The event was hosted by Spike Lee, Robert De Niro and Mayor Dinkins. Nelson Mandela told us that when he was a prisoner, the one day he looked forward to was Thursdays. That was the night they let the prisoners see movies, comedies, cartoons, action films. He told us that night in Tribeca that the work of the people in the entertainment industry was important. That our movies have the ability to inspire and the ability to provide escape from the brutality of prison life. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Bob De Niro, great actor, tough guy, crying. I know he was crying, because I could see over my own tears. Whenever I'm on a movie set, and things get tough, we run out of light, sometimes we run out of money, I think about Nelson Mandela's Thursday nights, and I know we have to push on.

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