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Hi Jon

A few words about Tali(a).
I think she is a mixture of a father who comes from Isthanbul, turkey.
He is fair skined, ginggy hair and complextion (that is a red head sorta).
His name is Aaron. Her mother is Persian born in Jerusalem and is dark and wyrey. Her name is Tami.Her father works in Bezek the Israeli phone company as a manager and her mother is a jr high school teacher. Tali finished school with a degree in physical therapy and is continuing her learning by taking many night courses.
Presently she is doing geriatrics care. She is little, like me, dark hair and fair skinned. She has 2 other sisters. One sister will marry also one month after Tali gets married.Tali is 31 yrs old, born in Nov. Tali is a serious person, educated, wise, sensible and independent. She has a Picasso on the wall of her flat which made me fall in love with her at once. (I have a Picasso on the wall of my living room.)

Miki was living in grandma's flat in center of Tel Aviv together with 2 cats.
He left the cats in the flat and moved in with Tali. That was the only flat in Israel which was inhabited by only 2 cats. This week he is starting to move all his stuff, dismantling his furniture and refridg and is going to send it to Beersheva for my ex-husband, Alex, to store. He will rent grandma's flat unfurnished as the folks before him (when he was studying in the USA) ruined everything. Oh yess, the cats moved in with miki and tali after much indoctrination of tali. I guess that shows she is a real good sport or in love.

David is aiming to join us on June 25th and so we have set that date for the wedding for June 25th.
JUne 19th will be 2nd option. We would be delighted if any of you and you especially could be present!

I want to let you know, also, that I got your New year's greeting card and was greatly impressed by the humanistic projects undertaken on the part of your firm's partners.
I am very proud of you for being a person that they chose to be a part of their world.

Let us hope that this new year, one of the toughest in the tough years of insuring our survival that our leaders will find the way to a just peace. I, myself,am concerned at Bibi's move to the center, and to what would seem less to the right.Any borders or withdrawals made now cannot be changed.It would seem that Israel is taking all the risks as the Palestian's have nothing to lose. But if we lose our security and most of the land, if a state is created and all the Palestians return to this state – this could become an formable entity which could inundate us if only by its numbers.

So I worry.

Auntie Dotty

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May 1, 1997


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