Dorothy Oren (Parritz) about the family's genealogy

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Hi Jon,
By chance I got yr letter and email together.
I take same opportunity to invite you, david, ritchie and the whole family to be our guests in Israel for Miki's wedding around 22 June. Think about it!!

Ok, so here goes.

I am going through my Bible which I received from Temple
Emanuel on my confirmation when I was 12 years old. As I am
65 nowadays that makes my white covered bible 53 yrs old!!


I must mention that my mother and father annie and ruby were not sure, I guess when Harold and I were born because for many years
Harold and I celebrated our birthdays on the wrong day!! It seems we were born around midnight and one parent thought it was the day before and the other the day after. Actually Harold and I discovered this only after we went for our driving licenses and had to get our birth certificates did we see we celebrated one day late.
(Or at least this goes for me!)

Anyway my birthday is september 3, 1931, and I was born in Boston.(not Dorothy Parritz
I married Alex Zabludowsky in Temple Emanuel on Sept. 15, 1957.
We changed our name to Oren after we made alyiah to Israel July 1, 1960.

Harry Parritz, older brother of Reuben Parritz was bory August 27, 1898.
He was first married to a woman by the name of Barbara who is Ruthie
Parritz's mother (!) but Barbara died of cancer and Uncle Harry remarried to Florence Spector as you said, but Florence is not Ruthie's mother.
Ruthie has 3 kids. Paul Frederick Applebaum born on Sept 3, 1946. (please note this is exactly my birthday. Then Irene and Neil Applebaum.

I have 2 sons:
Elan Hayman (Hyman) Oren, Born Sept 12, 1958.
Elan has 3 kids:
Shani born Sept 7, 1985
Hila born Aug 10 1986
Raz born July 4 1993

Michael Samuel Oren born Nov. 9, 1961

My bible which has my father's own handwriting says that he, Reuben Hyman Parritz, was born Nov. 14, 1899
Harry Parritz August 27, 1898. My father Ruby was given a middle name because as a child he was very sick and it was thought if you give a sick child a middle name it would give him life.
Ruthie Parritz married George Applebaum Dec. 17, 1945 during
WW2. She lived awhile with us and brought her baby son "Paul" to live with us a while until they could get settled and I do belive that Ruthie and her step-mother did not get along.

My father writes under "Marriages the he married ANNA Belloff on June 9, 1925.

Anna Parritz is the daughter of Jennie and Samuel Belloff.
My Miki Oren is named after this samuel, my grandfather.

Eva Parritz was the wife of Solomon Parritz.
They left Lithuania with 3 children and went to London.
In London Solomon Parritz left the family and went to the USA to find work. He, in fact, disserted his family. The 3rd child died, I understand, because a heating apparatus overturned while Eva was out to work. You may ask Harold about some of these hearsay things, but I feel sure that some time, the father, solomon, was on his death bed somewhere in California. At this time he divulged to his new american family that he had another family in Boston and that he wanted to speak with them before he died.
I do remember these was some discussion about this among Harry and
Ruby and they decided that this appeal to late and as for these
2 brothers they have no father. You might go and see their tomb stone on which there is no mention of their father.

Harry Parritz died Nov. 1967.
Reuben Parritz died Jan 20, 1968 (Nancy's birthday).
Anna Belloff Parritz died Dec. 9, 1989.

Anna Belloff Parritz was daughter of Samuel Belloff.
I have no time now to look, but I remember when I saw the records of the population survey that he wrote his name as solomon, but somehow it turned up again as samuel.

Anyway, anna had 2 sisters and 1 brother and 1 brother that died.
Auntie Rose had 1 daughter – Lillian.
Uncle Jack had 1 son Fred (in Chicago)
Auntie Rebecca (Becky) had 5 daughters Lillian, Dorothy, Freida, Jeannette and Sylvia. Please notice how the names repeat themselves.
Anne had 2 kids- Harold and Dorothy

All the Harolds and Harry's are named after the same person (HYman) and the same goes for Lillian, Dorothy, Freida, Jeanette.

I dont know about Lillian, but Dorothy and Freida and Fred were most likely named after a Belloff who left Odessa and got to a Scandanavian country.
Their names were Frank And Dora. I have this info from the archives in Boston, but I am quoting from memory because i havent organized all the info I collected.

To the best of my knowledge, my father wanted to call Harold — Harry, but mom wouldn't have it, tooo many Harry's around.

In my records I am sure I have a date for Sam Belloff. Also lots of info is found on the grave stones and population register which I have around.
If you are in Boston, ask your dad to show you around.

Hila, born Aug 10, 1986
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December 29, 1996


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