Dorothy Oren (Parritz) about the family's genealogy

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Hi Jon,
I just cut myself off.
Anyway,Both Harold and I were Born in Boston and at first lived in Dorchester. We moved to Newton when I was about 3 yrs old. in 1934. And lived on Eastborne rd. a few years later around 1937 we moved to Ashford.
Alexander Zabludowsky Oren was born in Warsaw in Oct 1930 and went to Israel around 1939.
Rachel Dabastany was born in Israel Jan. 1, 1960, having arrived in Israel on the Magic Carpet from Persia around 1956/8.
Miki Oren was born in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel

Oren Lee-Parritz was born June 29, 1983.

Rose BElloff was born in Paris France in the Rothschild House
(that would be the poor house – as the belloff family left
Odessa and made its way to America. They stopped in Paris for
2 years where Rose was Born. Jack was born in Odessa as was Rebecca.

Lillian Silverman Dell's kids names are Robert, Scott and Arlene.

What does the S. stand for in your name Jonathan.

I am so proud and happy that you are making this effort. I shall try to contribute as much as possible. Another wonderful source of information is Rose Belloff the wife of Fred Belloff from Chicago. She remarried and
I am as close as possible that one can be in being very far. My mother was on very close contact with them because of her brother jack. And
Rosie has a fine memory and many photos.

I can go even further in the tree, by listing some of the children and our cousins of the Belloff tree. That is all the kids of the daughter of Becky etc. and then we end up being a big family when we thought we were so small.
The problem is that the Boston part of the family, just doesn't keep up with family and that is very sad – as both you and i know – being far away as we are without family.

So keep up the good work and I love you and your family for ever and alot.

Auntie Dottie

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December 29, 1996


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