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Mary L. Waile Date of Birth March 1882
Mary L. Waile First Name Mary
Mary L. Waile Gender Female
Mary L. Waile Last Name Waile
Mary L. Waile Middle Name L.
Mary L. Waile Place of Birth Florida or, New York, NY, USA
Joseph N Ranger Date of Birth 1886
Joseph N Ranger Place of Birth New York, NY, USA
Joseph N Ranger First Name Joseph
Joseph N Ranger Gender Male
Joseph N Ranger Last Name Ranger
John E Sands Date of Birth 1857
John E Sands First Name John
John E Sands Gender Male
John E Sands Last Name Sands
John E Sands Occupation Steam Engineer
John E Sands Place of Birth FL, USA
John E Sands Middle Name E
Mary Jane Ranger / Sands Date of Birth February 1858
Mary Jane Ranger / Sands Place of Birth FL, USA
Mary Jane Ranger / Sands First Name Mary
Mary Jane Ranger / Sands Gender Female
Mary Jane Ranger / Sands Last Name Ranger / Sands
Mary Jane Ranger / Sands Middle Name Jane
Annie Elizabeth Pinder / Buck Date of Birth 6/12/1880
Annie Elizabeth Pinder / Buck Place of Birth Bahamas
Annie Elizabeth Pinder / Buck First Name Annie
Annie Elizabeth Pinder / Buck Gender Female
Mariel Lurlee Ranger Date of Birth February 1884
Mariel Lurlee Ranger Place of Birth FL, USA
Mariel Lurlee Ranger First Name Mariel
Mariel Lurlee Ranger Gender Female
Mariel Lurlee Ranger Last Name Ranger
Mariel Lurlee Ranger Middle Name Lurlee
Richard Bushrod Ranger Date of Birth May 1888
Richard Bushrod Ranger Place of Birth FL, USA
Richard Bushrod Ranger First Name Richard
Richard Bushrod Ranger Gender Male
Richard Bushrod Ranger Last Name Ranger
Richard Bushrod Ranger Middle Name Bushrod
William Comfort Pinder, Sr. Date of Birth 2/8/1898
William Comfort Pinder, Sr. Place of Birth Miami, FL, USA
William Comfort Pinder, Sr. First Name William
William Comfort Pinder, Sr. Gender Male
William Comfort Pinder, Sr. Last Name Pinder
William Comfort Pinder, Sr. Birth Surname Pinder
William Comfort Pinder, Sr. Display Name
William Comfort Pinder, Sr. Living Status Deceased
William Comfort Pinder, Sr. Ethnicity


Key West, FL, USA


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