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Will of John Pindar dated 12 Jul 1757 and proved 22 Jul 1757, New Providence
"Negroes and schooner to be kept employed for benefit of estate until
youngest child is of age or married. Wife Frances to have house and half of
estate her lifetime unless she remarries, at which time she is to have one third
of estate. As sons come of age or marry, and then daughters, to have refusal of
house according to birthright. Nephews William and John Wright each to have 100
pieces-of-eight when of age. Niece Mary Wright, when of age or at marriage, to
have negro girl Moll. Son Ridley Pindar to have best pair of pistols, silver
hilted sword, son William to have other sword and best musket. When youngest
child comes of age or marries, estate is to be sold, and to receive as much as
her proportion would have been after debts and legacies are paid, she then to
receive her equal proportion of the remainder along with the rest of the

exec: wife Frances, son-in-law James Gould
wit Robert Burton Tucker, William Evans, Richard Prenton:"

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Ridley Pinder, Sr. First Name Ridley
Ridley Pinder, Sr. Last Name Pinder
Ridley Pinder, Sr. Birth Surname Pinder
Ridley Pinder, Sr. Display Name
Ridley Pinder, Sr. Living Status Deceased
Ridley Pinder, Sr. Gender Male
John Pinder, hon. First Name John
John Pinder, hon. Last Name Pinder
John Pinder, hon. Birth Surname Pinder
John Pinder, hon. Display Name
John Pinder, hon. Date of Death July 1757
John Pinder, hon. Place of Death Harbour Island, Eleuthera, The Bahamas
John Pinder, hon. Living Status Deceased
John Pinder, hon. Gender Male
John Pinder, hon. Occupation
Susannah Gould First Name Susannah
Susannah Gould Last Name Gould
Susannah Gould Birth Surname Pinder
Susannah Gould Display Name
Susannah Gould Living Status Deceased
Susannah Gould Gender Female
William Pinder First Name William
William Pinder Last Name Pinder
William Pinder Birth Surname Pinder
William Pinder Display Name
William Pinder Living Status Deceased
William Pinder Gender Male
Mary Pinder First Name Mary
Mary Pinder Last Name Pinder
Mary Pinder Birth Surname Pinder
Mary Pinder Display Name
Mary Pinder Living Status Deceased
Mary Pinder Gender Female
Frances Pinder First Name Frances
Frances Pinder Last Name Pinder
Frances Pinder Display Name
Frances Pinder Living Status Deceased
Frances Pinder Gender Female
James Gould, Sr. First Name James
James Gould, Sr. Last Name Gould
James Gould, Sr. Birth Surname Gould
James Gould, Sr. Display Name
James Gould, Sr. Living Status Deceased
James Gould, Sr. Gender Male


New Providence, Bahamas


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