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Margaret Pyndar Gender Female
Margaret Pyndar Living Status Deceased
Margaret Pyndar Place of Birth England, United Kingdom
Margaret Pyndar Date of Birth c. 1594
Margaret Pyndar Display Name
Margaret Pyndar Last Name Pyndar
Margaret Pyndar First Name Margaret
Elizabeth Ridley Ridley Jones First Name Elizabeth
Elizabeth Ridley Ridley Jones Last Name Ridley Jones
Elizabeth Ridley Ridley Jones Display Name
Elizabeth Ridley Ridley Jones Living Status Deceased
Elizabeth Ridley Ridley Jones Gender Female
Tymothie Pyndar First Name Tymothie
Tymothie Pyndar Last Name Pyndar
Tymothie Pyndar Birth Surname Pyndar
Tymothie Pyndar Display Name
Tymothie Pyndar Date of Birth c. 1609
Tymothie Pyndar Place of Birth England, UK
Tymothie Pyndar Living Status Deceased
Tymothie Pyndar Gender Male
Col Robert Ridley First Name Robert
Col Robert Ridley Last Name Ridley
Col Robert Ridley Birth Surname Ridley
Col Robert Ridley Display Name Col Robert Ridley
Col Robert Ridley Date of Birth 1612
Col Robert Ridley Place of Birth England
Col Robert Ridley Living Status Deceased
Col Robert Ridley Gender Male

September 1635