Felix Samaco Dulog

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Felix S. Dulog married Petra Kanaynay 2 April 1925. He was reported as being 29 years old and she
was 22 years old. They are registered as being married in Manila, Philippines. Felix S. Dulog's
parents are listed as Dimas Dulog and Victuriana Samaco. Petra Kanaynay's parents are listed as
Mateo Kanaynay and Lacha Laksen.

Felix Dulog served in the U.S. Navy Reserves during World War II rank of OG3C.[Felix Samaco
Dulog: Native Officer’s Cook 3d, USNR. Wife: Mrs. Petra Canaynay Dulog, 7P, Burgos, Cavite.]

When the Japanese attacked the Philippines on 8th December 1941, Felix Dulog was one of the
servicemen who were listed as missing in action. He was officially declared dead 10th December
1941 in Cavite Ciy, Cavite, Philippines at the age of 47. He was posthumously awarded the Purple
Heart Medal and is listed on the monument to deceased servicemen in Fort William McKinley (now
Fort Bonifacio), Taguig, Manila, Philippines.

*U.S. Rosters of World War II Dead, 1939-1945
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Name: Felix S Dulog Gender: Male Race: Filipino Religion: Catholic Disposition: Nonrecoverable Service Branch: Navy Service Number: 1902151

>Possible offspring:

1) Donald Canaynay Dulog born: 9 December 1927, Philippines died: 22 August 1995, San Mateo, California 2) Restituto Canaynay Dulog Naturalized in Hawaii: 16 January 1953 3) Dr. Eusebio Canaynay Dulog
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Short biography of Felix Samaco Dulog of Cavite, Philippines.


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