SV/PROG Johan Coenraad Marnewick

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+ Grünberg in Hesse. Son of Johann Melchior M. and Anna Margaretha Schmiedt. Arr. 1774 as so., dragoons in the Governor’s bodyguard 1784-88, rel. from serv. 1789. X 22.2.1784 Engela Elisabeth Otto.
4 children, 2 sons bapt. in the Lutheran Church, Johan Coenraad (1785) and Johannes (1790), not mentioned in G.R. In 1794 he was sentenced to be banished, because he had made himself guilty of a grave offence with regard to the chairman of the Council of Justice. He was to be sent away on 24.10.1794 with the return fleet, but escaped the day before. (GMR 1775-88; C 201, p. 221; Rq. CJ 833 under 24.6.1794; CJ 742: 1; G.R. nr. 590; Test. CJ 1110:1.) Anna Margaretha M. ~ 9.8.1812 Johannes Jürgen Schoeman, Johan Coenraad M. ~ 11.4.1813 Catharina Aletta Nortier, Johannes M. ~ 13.3.1825 Martha Clara Maria Scheepers. (Marr. Reg. of Swellendam).

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