Infamous Dorothy James, gateway to Blood Royal

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As a fellow descendant of both Edward Griswold and William Phelps, Sr. I’m of course delighted to find that a student whose schooling comes first has discovered what decades of serious scholarship and genealogical inquiry have been unable to ascertain—the maiden name of William Phelps’ wife in Tewkesbury (that’s in Gloucester, mind you) and the maiden name of the wife of Edward Griswold (Creswold, actually) of Sollihul and Kenilworth (curious, though—that’s in Warwickshire). Saints preserve us, if it isn’t one and the same girl! The infamous Dorothy James, gateway to the Promised Land of Blood Royal.

Let’s see—she was born 1657 in Warwickshire, you say, to parents of Worcestershire, where she actually grew up, then went back to Warwick and married Griswold in 1590—but then headed for Gloucestershire (to catch the solstice sunrise at Stonehenge, perhaps) and while she was there bigamously married (or was it only a “partnership”) Willie Phelps and gave him a junior, in 1593, before returning to Warwick for unfinished business where she finally gave her first husband Edward Griswold a son in 1607. Quite a girl, that Dorothy James!

In the last few years, when the charts started popping up with this bit of invention in both these families’ ancestries, I found it rather amusing to see her used so handily in two mutually exclusive places—but here we have her in both impossible roles at the same time, in the same chart.

Friends of mine, a few years ago, commented on how they wished we had Internet facility back in the day when we did our genealogical research—lamenting all those long hours spent driving to National Archive and Record Centers, the days spent hunched over microfiche readers or crawling like a fly through the multi-colored, dog-eared, rebound volumes of the Federal Census, reading history late into the night and getting blear-eyed from midnight oil—but I disagree. All the Internet does is make it easier for folks to fool themselves, or let others fool them. It really makes the whole enterprise more difficult than ever, as one has to wade through all the waste just to get to where the actual work can be done.

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Dorothy Phelps Birth Surname unknown not James - parents are unknown