Ohio Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-1944, and 1958-2007 about David R Shockey

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Name: David R Shockey
Birth Date: 6 Aug 1941
Birth City: Middletown (Pt)
Birth County: Butler
Birth State: Ohio
Gender: Male
Race: White
Hispanic Origin: Not Hispanic (Latino)
Residence City: Trenton
Residence County: Butler
Residence State: Ohio
Residence Zip Code: 45067
Residence Country: United States
Death Date: 3 May 2003
Death Time: 04:14 AM
Hospital of Death: Middletown Hospital
City of Death: Trenton
County of Death: Butler
Certificate: 34117
Age at Death: 61
Registrar's Certificate Number: 000257
Certifier: Physician
Referred to Coroner: Not Referred to Coroner
Autopsy: No Autopsy performed
Method of Disposition: Burial
Filing Date: 6 May 2003
Hospital Status: Hospital/Inpatient
Injury at Work: Unclassifiable
Social Security Number: 301-34-1056
Father's Surname: Shockey
Mother's Maiden Name: Kennedy
Marital Status: Married
Education: 4 years college
Armed Forces Indicator: Yes
Branch of Service: Army
Industry of Decedent: Industry Not Classifiable
Occupation of Decedent: Industry Not Classifiable
Primary Registration District: 902

Ohio. Division of Vital Statistics. Death Certificates and index, December 20, 1908-December 31, 1953. State Archives Series 3094. Ohio Historical Society, Ohio. Ohio Department of Health. Index to Annual Deaths, 1958-2002. Ohio Department of Health, State Vital Statistics Unit, Columbus, OH, USA.
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David R Shockey First Name David
David R Shockey Middle Name R
David R Shockey Last Name Shockey
David R Shockey Date of Birth 8/6/1941
David R Shockey Place of Birth Middletown, Butler, Ohio, United States
David R Shockey Date of Burial 5/6/2003
David R Shockey Date of Death 5/3/2003
David R Shockey Place of Death Middletown, Butler, Ohio, United States
David R Shockey Gender Male
David R Shockey Ethnicity White / Caucasian

Trenton, Butler, Ohio, United States


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