Yoder Newsletter: First Generation Families (Amish Yoders)

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uploaded by Erin Brandeberry on January 10, 2011


Christian Yoder, Sr. Last Name Yoder
Christian Yoder, Sr. First Name Christian
Christian Yoder, Sr. Place of Death Penn Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, United States
Christian Yoder, Sr. Date of Death 11/17/1775
Christian Yoder, Sr. Date of Birth 2/18/1699
Barbara Kauffman (Yoder) Date of Birth 1725
Barbara Kauffman (Yoder) First Name Barbara
Barbara Kauffman (Yoder) Maiden Name
Elizabeth Beiler First Name Elizabeth
Elizabeth Beiler Date of Birth 1729
Elizabeth Beiler Place of Birth Saint-Denis, France
Elizabeth Beiler Date of Death 9/1/1771
Elizabeth Beiler Place of Death Lancaster County, PA, United States
Elizabeth Beiler Maiden Name
Barbara Kauffman (Yoder) Last Name Kauffman
Magdalena Gnaegi First Name Magdalena
Magdalena Gnaegi Maiden Name
Yost Jacob Yoder Date of Birth 1734
Yost Jacob Yoder First Name Yost Jacob
Yost Jacob Yoder Last Name Yoder
Magdalena Gnaegi Last Name Gnaegi
Magdalena Gnaegi Date of Birth 1726
Jacob O. Yoder Last Name Yoder
Jacob O. Yoder Date of Death 9/21/1742
Jacob O. Yoder Place of Death Died At Sea
Veronica Reichenbach Hertzler Date of Birth 1736
Veronica Reichenbach Hertzler First Name Veronica
Veronica Reichenbach Hertzler Maiden Name

Researchers have discovered four family heads that are the progenitors of the Yoder Amish in America; outlined below, with the first-generation families listed.


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