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Marriage - uploaded by Private User on December 10, 2012


Stjepan Sever First Name Stjepan
Stjepan Sever Last Name Sever
Stjepan Sever Birth Surname
Jalža Sever First Name Jalža
Jalža Sever Last Name Sever
Jalža Sever Birth Surname Osrečak
Stjepan Sever Place of Birth Sveti Matej, Općina Gornja Stubica, Krapina-Zagorje County, Croatia
Stjepan Sever Gender Male
Stjepan Sever Occupation farmer
Jalža Sever Place of Birth Dobri Zdenci, Općina Gornja Stubica, Krapina-Zagorje County, Croatia
Jalža Sever Gender Female
Jalža Sever Occupation housewife
Bara Osrečak First Name Bara
Bara Osrečak Last Name Osrečak
Bara Osrečak Birth Surname Boroša
Bara Osrečak Gender Female
Bara Osrečak Occupation farmer
Mijo Osrečak First Name Mijo
Mijo Osrečak Last Name Osrečak
Mijo Osrečak Gender Male
Mijo Osrečak Occupation farmer
<private> Sever (Pižir) First Name Cila
<private> Sever (Pižir) Last Name Sever
<private> Sever (Pižir) Birth Surname Pižir
<private> Sever (Pižir) Gender Female
<private> Sever (Pižir) Occupation farmer
Franjo Sever First Name Franjo
Franjo Sever Last Name Sever
Franjo Sever Gender Male
Franjo Sever Occupation farmer


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Sever (Pižir)
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