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Rabbi Eliezer Rokeach (Margolis), ABD Amsterdam - Ma'ase Roke'ach

Hebrew: הרה"ק אלעזר רוקח (מרגליות), בעל מעשה רוקח מאמסטרדם
别名字号 "Maase Rokeach", "Elozer Rokach", "Rabbi Elazar Rokeach-Morgolit (of Brody / Amsterdam) Eleazar of Brody", "Elazar Rokach", "מעשה רוקח", "רבי אלעזר מאמסטרדם - השני", "רבי אלעזר מברודי"
生日 (92)
出生地 Krakow, Kraków County, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland
逝世 1741年9月26日 (92)
Safed, Israel

Rabbi Shmuel Shmelke Margolis, ABD Liske, of ElkoszTeivil Margolios之子
Chavah Rokeah的丈夫
R' Shalom Rokeach, A.B.D. Tykocin; Rav Moshe Rokeach, ABD Zloczew; Yehuda Leib Rokeach or Margolioth; unsure male/female RokeachYehoshua Rokeach之父
Rabbi Aharon RokeachYechiel מרגליות的兄弟

Occupation: Rabbi in Brody, Amsterdam, author of "Ma'ase Rokeach"
管理员 Seth Andrew Davis

About Rabbi Eliezer Rokeach, ABD Amsterdam - Ma'ase Roke'ach

For some reason Geni is showing "(HOROWITZ)" which is his wife's maiden name (of the של"ה family...) and I cannot get rid of that. I succeded , sept 4, 2011

The name Elazar and not Eliezer is confirmed by the prefix to the מעשה רוקח as follows

"Maaseh Rokeach", And Amsterdam: (Hebrew) read about the year he was born here:



Elazar Rokeach of Amsterdam Rabbi Elazar Rokeach, also known as Eleazar ben Samuel (c. 1665—1742), was the author of Maaseh Rokeach, and Chief Rabbi of Amsterdam. . . cont.

http://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%90%D7%9C%D7%A2%D7%96%D7%A8_%D7%A8%... The year was תצ"ה when he was appointed as ABD Amsterdam = 1734-35

. . . Rabbi Elazar Rokeach went from Brody to Holland to assume the chief rabbinic position in Amsterdam in 1735. . . cont.


Moshe Flam, 11 Iyar 5773 - I cut out the English which had some inconsistencies. e.g. Passed on 10 Sivan which is definitely not shabbat Bereshit. Note that his burial place is not known. Also it is not known that he lived for more than a week in Eretz Israel once he reached it... Burial location IS NOT KNOWN but hypothesized... There is a tradition he was buried in Hebron and another that he was buried in Safed.

I saved the original text that was written here in English - in my Docs account, click the following to read it: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eoj1UaWCF6KJXWj59WmIgpxhNeMsPTSuEebuwlQZBEw/edit?usp=sharing


I'll make a short history including references and existing doubts soon. (Moshe Flam)

The image on the coin (shown in the picture) was the reason for a controversy started by Rabbi Yaakov Emdin, of which the Maaseh Rokeach was quite proud of. It ended with receiving a permit to hold this coin, and in fact the first time Jews were aloud to make images of the rabbis, something that was refracted from being done since antiquity, and allowed because the coin was not bulging out, but rather was stamped inward. The picture of "Rabbi Elozor of Brod," seems to be an image made according to this coin, and should be attributed, if I understand correctly, to the Maaseh Rokeach. I will check in "Men of Distinction" - where I think this image originated.

It is not clear when he reached Israel, when he passed away - there are two versions, although both are around סוכות time (one שבת בראשית the other claiming חול המועד) or where he is buried - one version claiming צפת - Safed, the other חברון - Hebron. Both places are being excavated, and every short while new and exciting discoveries are being made - so there is hope.

The Sefer Maaseh Rokeach was written for the purpose of connecting the oral Torah with the written torah, and to show that the oral torah and the Mishnah in particular have a holy status and deep secrets listed in its "letters" - gimatriyas and in depth understanding, just as the written Torah does.

The story with his brother and Shprintza - and Rabbi Elimelech of Lizansk - I'll interpret here.


The Maaseh Rokeach and his history can all be found online in Hebrewbooks linked here.

http://wiki.geni.com/index.php/Jewish_Dynasties From Wikipidia:


"He moved from Brody to Amsterdam, Holland. The people of Brody tried unsuccessfully to stop Rabbi Elazar from moving on to Amsterdam, where he and was received with great honor both by Jewish leaders and by representatives of the Dutch government. An interesting legendary story had been told about rabbi Elazar of Brody by his descendent Rabbi Sholom Rokeach the Admor of Belz, that when Rabbi Elazar arrived in Holland, the country was suffering from a plague of worms. The entire country was facing a ruin in the threat of being devoured by the huge numbers of worms. The Dutch king heard about the newly arriving tzaddik of Brody, and asked him for prayer in order to remove this danger. Rabbi Elazar went to the fields to pray. After finishing his prayer, the entire Netherlands witnessed a wonder: the worms came out of the ground and fell fatally into the sea. As a "reward" for Rabbi Elazar's help, a special coin was issued. The commemorative coin was minted by the Dutch government for the occasion, bearing the Rabbi's face and two verses from Psalms. How much truth is in this story, we do not know, however the authority and influence of Brody Rabbi Elazar were undisputed. After leaving Brody he served for 5 years as head rabbi of Amsterdam. Later he immigrated to the Holy Land settling in Tsfat, where he died and was buried.



About הרה"ק אלעזר רוקח, בעל מעשה רוקח מאמסטרדם (עברית)

ונפל מילתא בדעתי שמי ושם הקודש של אבי זצלה"ה הוא אלעזר בן שמואל עולה תשל"ז ועם הד' אותיות עולה במכוון לארץ הקדושה

תשלז =737 עם 4 האותיות 741

לארץ הקדושה =741

בן שמואל= 52+377=429

חסר 308 להשלים ל737

שהוא אלעזר ולא אליעזר

על שנת לידתו ראה בקישור הבא:

. . . לרגל מלאות מאתיים ושבעים שנה לפטירתו של רבי אלעזר מבראד אב"ד אמסטרדם, בעל המעשה רוקח

בשנת תצ"ה נבחר לרבנות הקהילה האשכנזית באמשטרדם במקומו של ר' אברהם ברלינר שנפטר בשנת ת"צ.

על שנת לידתו ראה בקישור הבא:


Rabbi Eliezer Rokeach, ABD Amsterdam - Ma'ase Roke'ach的年谱

Krakow, Kraków County, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland
Złoczew, Sieradz County, Łódź Voivodeship, Poland