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About Aaron I "John" Burleson, I

2. i.   AARON I2 BURLESON, b. 1695, Caerleon, Manmouth, Wales; d. 1763, Rutherford Co., N.C./ Later Rutherford Co., Tennessee.   ii.   EDWARD BURLESON, b. Abt. 1708; d. Unknown.

The first Burleson's in America were Sir Edward and his sons in Conn. and R.I. in 1716, and Aaron Burleson, (his brother or a near relative ) , came ten years later and located in Rutherford Co., N.C. They were pioneers in many states and in the formation of the government had a hand. The exact relationship of Aaron and Edward is not yet known, but the similarity of the names and characteristics transmitted along the line are good proof of consaguinity. The name Burleson is derived from BURLES or BULEZ, from which BURLY is derived. It originated in the mountains of Wales some 400 years ago and it was spelled BURLEYSON, BURLES, or BURLEZ, and originally meant Mountaineer. or thick, heavy, strong man.

The first published record on the Burleson family: Sunlight on the South Side, Lunenburg Co., VA. ( this list is from the mouth of falling Creek upward) list of Tytheables of Lunenburg Co., VA.


Interesting info on this man. It seems that the line stops here for me since there is too much confusion past this point..

"This is a presentation of the more traditional line of Aaron I and hisdescendants. There's alot of research being done that promotes the ideathat Aaron was actually John Aaron, son of, Edward Burleson ofConnecticut. For a look at this new evidence and connections madeaccordingly, go to JOHN AARON BURLESON I, b. 09 October 1677. I havelisted the collection of research mostly from Daniel McCance(MCDAN12@aol.com), which I have reproduced with his permission.

The place of Aaron's birth is a well discussed subject. Early researchersstated he was from Carlem, Wales. There seems that there is no Carlem,Wales. Others have said Caerleon, Monmouth, Wales as a possible location.It is noted that some researchers found Burlesons living in DurhamCounty, England... none in Wales. Therefore there are some that believeAaron was from England and not Wales.

Landed in Baltimore, Maryland, abt. 1726. Aaron and probably a brotherJonathan were in Virginia in 1748, in a territory that is now the lowerparts of Cambell and Bedford counties, west of Falling River and north ofthe Roanoke River. He moved to North Carolina in 1760. Aaron settled inBuncombe, Mitchell co., North Carolina.

"Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy"

Aaron Burleson - d. 1763 From Wales to Baltimore, MD 1726

Later settled in North Carolina

William G. Burleson book states that Aaron b.c1700, d.Rutherford Co, NC

1690 - poss. born in CT to Edward and Sarah Burleson of Suffield CT

Abt.1710-1735 - May have been in New Jersey prior to moving to VA

1735 - in VA (dau, Elizabeth m. Daniel Shipman, Brunswick Co, VA, c1735)

1748 - Lunenburg Co, VA Tax list "mouth of Falling River southward..."

1749-1760 for eleven years... no record (where is he?)

1761 & 1762 - buys land in Cumberland Co, NC; once next to Able Lee (1762)

1763 - dies

NOTES on Lunenburg County History:

History: Lunenburg County, which had its legal existence and name "fromand immediately after the first day of May 1746," was named for KingGeorge II of England, who held among his many titles that of the Duke ofBrunswick-Lunenburg, the Anglecized version of this German place name, isone of fourteen counties in Virginia known as "the Hanovercounties,"because they bear names associated with various persons in theroyal house of Hanover. Lunenburg County at its formation embraced a vastterritory. Originally extending along the Virginia-North Carolina borderand bounded on the west by the Blue Ridge Mountains, it subsequentlysurrendered most of its early expanse to allow for the

creation of nine other counties: Mecklenburg, Charlotte, Halifax,Campbell, Bedford, Pittsylvania, Franklin, Patrick, and Henry. As aresult, Lunenburg is sometimes called " The Mother of Counties."



Aaron Burleson I came to VA before 1735... daughter, Elizabeth marriesDaniel Shipman in Brunswick Co, VA about 1735, also... Lunenburg Co.court records for 8 July 1746 show in "A State of the County Levy" thatCharles Talbot (a year old), received 140 lbs. tobacco from hisassignee... named Aaron Burleson. (Lunenburg County Court Order Book I,p. 138). Since the county began its legal existence in May of 1746, it islikely that Aaron's family was there at the time it was part of BrunswickCounty, VA.

Aaron had moved here since arriving in America in 1726 (arrival inAmerica - according to tradition), probably working the land for some fewyears before actually receiving title to it on 15 Dec 1749. The originalgrant states in Book 29, p.35 that he received 147 acres located on bothsides of the south fork of the Little Otter River in Lunenburg Co, VA...in the tax district of John Phelps. (John Phelps receives grant of landfor 444 acres in Lunenburg on south fork of little Otter River 25 Jul

1749, adj. Aaron Burleson, p.239 ) Aaron and Jonathon (his son) both showin the 1748 Tax List for this district. The Otter River land is now inpresent-day Bedford Co, VA. Aaron was only there for about a year beforeleaving. The following year, in 1749, a John Burleson appears in MathewTalbot's District of Lunenburg County in what is now part of CharlotteCo, VA. After 1749, no Burlesons appear in Lunenburg County.

We know that Aaron left VA prior to 1755 because of this deed:

ECKHOLS, JOHN, Deed from John Eckhols and wife Elizabeth to James TurnerJr. 147 acres lying on both sides of South Fork of Little Otter River,for 50 pounds. Land originally Granted to Aaron Burleson. Rec. Aug.25,1755. Pg. 44 (Bedford Co, VA Deed

Book A-1: 1754-1762, Ann Chilton, 1987) This was Aaron's original andonly known patent of VA land...

11 years after receiving VA patent, in North Carolina:

Aaron shows up in 1761 buying land in Cumberland Co, NC on "Rich land"creek (now in Moore Co, NC) (see map titled MooreNC), assuming that thisis the same Aaron Burleson and not his son, Aaron Burleson II... It maybe that Aaron Burleson I died up in VA and his son is the one we find inNC from then on...

Suppose Aaron Burleson I had never made it out of Maryland! Then hissons, Aaron II being oldest and Jonathan and John decide to go to VA...He was born 28 May 1712 and would have been 34 years old in 1746...plenty old enough to own and work land...his brother John would be 17years old in 1746 (born 1729) and may not have appeared on tithe lists,working instead for his brother (or father) Aaron until 1749 when he wasabout 20 years old and received his own land to work... in Talbot's Dist.

Question: If Aaron Burleson I WAS still alive in 1748, why is it thatonly one Aaron Burleson shows up on the Tithe List in Phelps Dist... inall of Lunenburg, for that matter? Jonathan is there... where's hisbrother, Aaron... the one that's older than him? Until I find proofotherwise, I believe Aaron Burleson I died nearer to Edward Burlesonsomewhere in New England or in Maryland. Joseph Burleson, son of Aaron IIstated to Anne Newport Royall that they were natives of the New Englandarea...


27 July 1762 - Deed: Joseph DUNHAM to Samuel LARRIMORE for 150 acres on abranch of Lower Little River... Witnesses: Charles PEAT, Bryan McLENDON,AARON BURLESON...

27 Apri 1767 - Grant: Henry ATKINSON for 100 acres on Richland Creek.Beginning at a black oak on the north side of said creek and near the...? branch, running thence South 59 East, to and with the land laid outfor AARON BURLESON, 31.63 chains;

thence North 31 East, 31.63 chains; thence South 59 West, 31.63 chains;thence to the beginning. Signed: Wm. Tryon, Governor...

13 Sept 1768 - Deed: Samuel LARRIMORE to Laurence STROTHERS for 80 acres,50 lbs. Proclamation.. Book D, p.311.. Situated on the upper road onDuncan's (Dunham) creek, on both sides of said creek, it being a piece ofland settled by Samuel Larrimore,

purchased of AARON BURLESON, and patented by Joseph DUNHAM. Signed:Samuel LARRIMORE (Seal)... Witnesses: Thomas COLLINS, James (x) SMITH...

22 Dec 1769 - Deed: Henry ATKINSON to Benjamin ATKINSON... 100 acres onRichland's Creek from grant of 1767...

Source - aaron.ged - "Aaron Burleson's Frontier",http://hometown.aol.com/brooksgen/aaron.html


Hogan, Craw and Associated Families by Clarice Y. Hogan GreenDrgonfly@comcast.net 2005

Has different wives and the children are same and different.

Shows this Aaron Burleson as John Aaron Burleson b. 1677 Suffield, Hartford CN d. 1763 Rutherford NC - his parents are Edward Burleson b. 23 Jan 1626/1627 England, m. Sarah b. Ab.t 1656 CT

Wives and children as follows:

Father: Edward Burleson , b: 23 Jan 1626/1627 in England

Mother: Sarah b: ABT. 1656 in Connecticut

Marriage 1 Sarah Thresher ,

Married: in England


Aaron Burleson , II, b: 1727 in Maryland

Rhoda Burleson b: ABT. 1730

James Burleson b: ABT. 1746

Thomas Burleson b: ABT. 1749 in Maryland

Daniel Burleson b: ABT. 1750

Edward Burleson b: ABT. 1756

Marriage 2 Sarah Holliday b: 8 Feb 1682/1683 in Suffield, Hartford , Connecticut

Married: 16 Nov 1698 in Suffield, Hartford , Connecticut


Sarah Burleson b: 20 Nov 1699

John Burleson I b: 28 Dec 1701 in Suffield, Hartford Connecticut

Jonathan Burleson b: 11 Jun 1704

Mercy Burleson b: 12 Jan 1705/1706

Joseph Burleson b: 26 Nov 1708

Abigail Burleson b: 11 Nov 1710

Mary Burleson b: 6 Feb 1712/1713

Elizabeth Burleson b: 28 Mar 1715 in Connecticut

Rachel Burleson b: 29 Nov 1716"

Bottom line...Aaron's ancestors were either English or Welsh. His daughter was Elizabeth


Aaron Burleson landed at Baltimore, MD in 1726, and his brother Edward settled in Connecticut in 1715. His descendants were drawn to the edge of the western frontier. The migration path seems to have followed a straight line along the Mason-Dixon Line, no more than 50 miles on either side. Seven of Aaron's sons fought against the British in the American Revolution and only three of them survived. It is said that he was killed by Indians.

The restored log cabin at Plumtree, known as the "Burleson Cabin," is said to be one of the oldest cabins still standing in Avery County. It is thought to date to Revolutionary times and may have been standing when the Overmountain Men defeated the British at Kings Mountain in 1780.

Aaron Burleson, a Welshman, came to America in 1726 in search of his brother Sir Edward Burleson. When he did not find him, Aaron settled in what was then Buncombe County, N.C. Four of his sons died fighting in the Revolution.

However it happened, Aaron I Burleson is listed as having 2 wives as Sarah Camp (he only had one) and numerous "unknown" wives. The children are listed as stepson and stepdaughter, which is not true. I cannot find any way to remove the excess wives. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Notes for AARON I BURLESON: I have read that he was killed by Indians. This is speculation gathered by others. Aaron I's father may have been a Jonathan Burleson, who was the son of Edward Burleson who was in Massachusetts as early as 1678. There were also Burlesons in Brencepeth Wales as early as 1390, but no ones made a direct connection from Wales / Britain to the United States as of yet. We need more documentation for this. Speculative: Aaron Burleson landed at Baltimore, MD in 1726, and his brother Edward settled in Connecticut in 1715. His descendants were drawn to the edge of the western frontier. The migration path seems to have followed a straight line along the Mason-Dixon Line, no more than 50 miles on either side. Seven of Aaron's sons fought against the British in the American Revolution and only three of them survived. I have read that he was killed by Indians.

The following, writer unknown: "The Burleson name is well-known in the mountains of North Carolina, and there have been many Wiseman and Burleson connections over many generations. I made a brief attempt, which should not be construed as an indepth study, of the origin of the old name. In a book entitled DICTIONARY OF BRITISH SURNAMES, by P.H. Raney, I obtained the following: The root word, BURLE, in the Old English was BYRELE, and BYRLE which mean "Cup Bearer", and these early spellings became BURLE, BURLES and BURLS. One of the Earliest recorded references to the use of the name was a JOHN BYRLE in 1327, Essex, England. The suffix "son" which was used to indicate the line of descent, came in later generations, and has remained fixed up to the present time. Frequently, I have noticed that the older usages of the name use two "s'es", for example Burlesson or Burlisson. The reason for that is the original prefix ended in an "s" but with the passage of time the name always appears with a single "s" - and example: In a Surname book by Savage is recorded an Edward Burlisson, resident of Suffield in 1677; he had the following children: John, Fearnot, Return, Mary and Edward - all living in Suffield in 1698. In all probability, the old-timers pronounced the name "Bur-Less-son", while moderns tend to say "Burl-son". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=49392531

Aaron Burleson, I

Birth: 1695, Wales Death: 1763 Yancey County North Carolina, USA

Aaron Burleson landed at Baltimore, MD in 1726, and his brother Edward settled in Connecticut in 1715. His descendants were drawn to the edge of the western frontier. The migration path seems to have followed a straight line along the Mason-Dixon Line, no more than 50 miles on either side. Seven of Aaron's sons fought against the British in the American Revolution and only three of them survived. It is said that he was killed by Indians.

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Caerleon, Monmouth, Wales, UK
Age 23
St Peters, New Kent, Virginia, United States
May 22, 1722
Age 27
Buncombe, NC, USA
Age 29
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North Carolina, United States
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