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Andries Stephanus Gouws, b1c7

出生地 Cape Town, Cape, South Africa
逝世 约1814年10月
Cape Town, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Etiene Gauch, b1Catharina Bock b3之子
Maria Hendrina Mulder的丈夫
Andries Stephanus Faculyn Gous, SV/PROG 2之父
Stephanus Gous, b1c1; Anna Gouws b1c2; Catharina Gouws b1c3; Christina Gouws b1c4; Sara Gouws b1c5另外1个的兄弟

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About Andries Stephanus Gouws, b1c7

  • Birth Date 1740
  • Death Date 11/16/1778
  • First Name Andries Stephanus
  • Last Name Gous
  • Gender Male
  • Birth Location De Elands Valleij, at the Swarte Berg
  • Baptism Date 12 June 1740
  • Death Location Swellendam, Cape, South Africa

Andries Stephanus Gous 1740-circa 1814

born 1740, at the Cape

baptized 12 June 1740, Cape Town

died circa October 1814

Notes: The witnesses at his baptism were Steven Gouts and Anna Gouts. Would these have been his sister and his father, or Stephanus Gous the son of his half-uncle, Andries Gous?

On the 22nd September 1757 he was granted the right to graze stock at the Reeboksfontein on the Gouritz River, vacated by his mother, the Widow Stephen Gous.

He and his wife appear to have had no children, but to have adopted as their son Andries Carel Eduard Alexander Fackelijn Gous. (MOOC 7/1/49, 85 - Will of A.S.Gous, 1804).


Maria Hendrina Mulder circa 1705-circa 1779 born at the Cape


The Gous Family Tree – first generations (by Richard Ball):

André Gauch, smith and farmer, living in Drakenstein Born: Le Pont-de-Montvert, Languedoc - died 26 February 1698 x Jacqueline Decré 13 January 1683 Celigny, Geneva died before 1691 (assumed); xx Johanna de Clercq 19 August 1691 Stellenbosch, born Zeeland, died circa 1748 His own signature gives his name as André Gauch. At the Cape the name was variously spelled; mostly ‘Gausch’ and ‘Gousch’ in the early documents (reproducing very closely the sound of the French name using Dutch spelling) and later apparently taken to be the word 'Gouws' and spelt thus or as 'Gous'. I have decided to standardise the form of the name as Gous from his children onwards. The marriage entry in the Celigny, Geneva, register gives his father's name as the late Pierre Gauch of Pont de Monvers aux Sevens, but does not record the bridegroom's age at that date. So far as I know there is no source for his date of birth.

The children and grandchildren of André Gauch and Jacqueline Decré:

b1 Steven Gous, born between 1683 and 1684 at Geneva, died before March 1758 farmer, of Berg en Daal, Koeberg, x Catharina Bok, 6 March 1718 Cape Town ( born: circa 1704-1705 at the Cape, died circa December 1779 father: Christiaan Bok, mother: Anna Groothenning [A slave woman - Sharon Doubell 2014] ) I have assumed that he was the son of Jacqueline Decré. There is, so far as I am aware, no proof of this. He gave his birthplace as Geneva at the time of his marriage, so it seems very likely. Although he appears as 'Etienne' in SAG, De Villiers / Pama, Boucher’s French Speakers at the Cape, and many of the web sites which list this family, I have found not a single historical source for this name. So far as I know we have no record of him other than what is housed in the Cape Archives where his name is always Steven.

b1.c1 Stephanus Gous, baptised 1 September 1720 Cape Town and died (in all probability) between 1720 and 1721 as an infant. Although given a large progeny by SAG this child almost certainly died as an infant. The opgaaf (tax cum census) returns for this family list no children for the year 1721. Later returns of 1725 to 1738 list only daughters in this family. The return of 1741 lists 1 son and 5 daughters. In addition the will of Catharina Bok, widow of Steven Gous, 17 March 1758, lists her 5 daughters and her one son, Andries Stephanus and the estate accounts of Clara Bok, who died without children of her own in 1798, lists the then living children and descendants of her late sister Catharina Bok, 'procreated within marriage with her likewise deceased husband Stephanus Gousch' as Andries Stephanus Gousch, Sara Gousch and Clara Gousch.

b1.c2 Anna Gous, baptised 30 September 1721 Cape Town

b1.c3 Catharina Gous, baptised 1 August 1723 Cape Town The two daughters above were still living when their mother made her opgaaf return in 1773 but had died by the time the estate accounts of their aunt, Clara Bok, were drawn up in 1798 (MOOC 13/1/22, 4).

b1.c4 Gous, baptised 18 March 1725 Cape Town, died circa 1792

b1.c5 Sara Gous, baptised 6 April 1727 Cape Town, date of death unknown, except that it was probably after 1798 since she is mentioned as one of the heirs of her aunt, Clara Bok (MOOC 13/1/22, 4).

b1.c6 Clara Gous, baptised 20 July 1732 Cape Town, died circa July 1821

b1.c7 Stephanus Gous, baptised 12 June 1740 Cape Town, died circa October 1814 x Maria Hendrina Mulder born at the Cape. This couple had no children of their own but their apparently unrelated adopted son, Andries Stephanus Faculyn Gous, left a large progeny (see SAG).

b2 Marie Gous, baptised 31 May 1690 Amsterdam, Oude Waalse Kerk, died presumably before her father arrived at the Cape.

Details for Doc: The Gous Family Tree, by Richard Ball

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Andries Stephanus Gouws, b1c7的年谱

Cape Town, Cape, South Africa
Cape Town, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa