Anna Baker

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Anna Baker

Псевдоним: "Anna (Baker) Barber Plumer"
Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts
Смерть: Умер
Ближайшие родственники:

Дочь 'Elder' Jabez Baker и Rachel Baker
Жена Capt. Daniel Barber и David Plummer, Sr
Мать Rachel Dolliver; Mary Mollie Barber и David Plummer, Jr
Сестра Rachel Witham; Abigail Baker; Mary Rowe; Bethia Smith; Abigail Baker и ещё 1

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Ближайшие родственники

About Anna Baker

Anna, daughter of Jabez and Rachel (Allen) Baker, born in Beverly. about 1707, died 1748; married first, September 29, 1727 (?), Daniel Barber. He was master of a schooner belonging to Joseph Allen Esq. & Co., and died on the island of Antego, November 8, 1735.

Children of Daniel and Anna (Baker) Barber:

  1. Anna, born December 13, 1727, married Samuel Davis:
  2. Mary, born October 24, 1729, married Benjamin Tarr, Jr.;
  3. Rachel, born June 6, 1732, married Paul Dolliver;
  4. Daniel, born July 11, 1734, died March 29, 1738. 

For her second husband Anna Baker married, August 25. 1737. Dr. David Plumer, and by him had:

  1. David Plumer, born May 24. 1738, and
  2. Daniel Plumer, born in 1740.


  • Daughter of Jabez Baker. "His widow afterwards married a Plumer. "Anna Plumer alias Barber" gave up her right of dowry, April 9, 1754 ...". (1)
  • Captain Daniel Barber married Anna Baker Sept. 29, 1727, in Gloucester, where he lived, being a fisherman. He was master of a schooner belonging to Capt. Joseph Allen, and died at the island of Antego, in the West Indies, Nov. 8, 1735, aged thirty. His wife survived him and was his widow in 1737.
  • Probate records and Gloucester town records. (3)


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Хронология Anna Baker

Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts
6 июня 1732
Возраст 25
Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts
Возраст 41