Anne Waldegrave, Lady of Burnham

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Anne Waldegrave (Drury), Lady of Burnham

Псевдоним: "Ann Drury"
Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Hawstead, Suffolk, England
Смерть: Умер в Depden, Suffolk, , England
Место погребения: Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England
Ближайшие родственники:

Дочь Sir Robert Drury, MP, Speaker of the House of Commons и Lady Anne Calthorpe
Жена Sir George Waldegrave и Sir Thomas Jermyn, of Rushbrook
Мать Sir William Waldegrave, MP; Anne Bures; Phyllis Heigham; George Waldegrave, Jr.; Edward Waldegrave, Esq. и ещё 3
Сестра Bridget Drury; Elizabeth Boteler; Ursula Drury; Robert Drury, Jr., Sir, MP и Sir William Drury, MP
Полукровная сестра Anne Drury

Менеджер: Carole (Erickson) Pomeroy,Vol. C...
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About Anne Waldegrave, Lady of Burnham

  • Anne Drury1,2,3,4,5,6
  • F, #46834, b. circa 1482, d. 8 June 1572
  • Father Sir Robert Drury, Speaker of the House of Commons1,2,7,4,8,6 b. c 1455, d. 2 Mar 1536
  • Mother Anne Calthorpe1,2,7,4,8,6 b. c 1460, d. b 1531
  • Anne Drury was born circa 1482 at of Hawstead, Suffolk, England.9 She married George Waldegrave, Esq., son of Sir William Waldegrave, Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk and Margery Wentworth, circa 1502; They had 5 sons (including Sir William; George; Edward, Esq; & Richard) and 2 daughters (Anne, wife of Henry Bures, Esq., & of Sir Clement Higham; & Phyllis, wife of Thomas Higham, Esq.).1,2,3,4,5,6 Anne Drury married Sir Thomas Jermyn, Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk, son of Thomas Jermyn and Catherine Bernard, between 8 July 1528 and 1546; They had 2 sons (John, Esq; & Thomas).2,3,4,5,6 Anne Drury died on 8 June 1572 at of Rushbrook, Suffolk, England.2,4,6 She was buried on 9 June 1572 at Depden, Suffolk, England.2,4,6
  • Family 1 George Waldegrave, Esq. b. c 1483, d. 8 Jul 1528
  • Children
    • Sir William Waldegrave, Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk+2,4,6 b. c 1505, d. 12 Dec 1554
    • Phyllis Waldegrave+2,10,4,11,6 b. c 1508
    • Edward Waldegrave, Esq.+2,4,12,6 b. c 1514, d. 13 Aug 1584
  • Family 2 Sir Thomas Jermyn, Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk b. c 1481, d. 8 Oct 1552
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  • From:
  • __________________________
  • Anne DRURY
  • Born: ABT 1487, Hawsted, Suffolk, England
  • Died: BET 1509 / 1581
  • Father: Robert DRURY of Hawstead (Sir)
  • Mother: Anne CALTHORPE
  • Married 1: George WALDEGRAVE of Smallbridge (Sir) ABT 1503
  • Children:
    • 1. Anne WALDEGRAVE
    • 2. Phillis WALDEGRAVE
    • 3. George WALDEGRAVE
    • 4. Edward WALDEGRAVE
    • 5. Richard WALDEGRAVE
    • 6. William WALDEGRAVE of Smallbridge (Sir Knight)
  • Married 2: Thomas JERMYN of Rushbrook (Sir) 1528
  • From: DRURY1
  • _______________________________
  • from "Suffolk manorial Families", Vol. 1, pt. 9, 1899 by Joseph James Muskett.
  • Pg.346
    • Drury of Thurston
  • John Drury of Thurston, in Com. Suffolke, Esquier, sonne and heire tempre Kinge Edward first, 19, 1291. = Amabell daugh. of Thomas Newton, Esquier. Sables, too shanke bones in Salter argente.; ch: Sr Roger, Nicholas (m. Agnes Saxham) Drury.
  • Nicholas Drury of Thurston in Com. Suffolke, esquier, sonne & heire, died 3rd 13 of Kinge Edw. 3d ao 1339; Will 7 Rich. 2, 1381, Cullum. = Agnes, sole daughter and heire of Sr Symond Saxham, Kt.Joane??, Joan in his will. Oullum.; ch: Sr Roger (m. Margarett Naunton), Nicholas (m. Joanne Heathe), John Drury.
  • *Nicholas Drury of Saxham's in Thurston in Suffolke, 2d sonne, & of Hawsted, buried with his wife. Will, Gage, p. 428, Arch. Sudh., 4 Jan. 1454, proved 2 Sept. 1456. See note above. = Joanne, daugh. to Thomas Heathe, esquier, of Mildenhall. ch: DRURY OF HAWSTEAD.
    • *This Nicholas and Thom Heathe for love of John a Gaunte theire Captayne they tooke their voyage wt him into Spayne and theye have assumed to them Sellefs the Crosse Tawe in the Cheffe of there Armes ever since that tyme for the Howse of Hawsted. Whilste he Florished at Thurston in the Auweiente house of Saxhams, which lande wt others Came by his Mother beinge heire to her father to him allso did desende the Mannor of Hawsted wt others: he lyeth Buryed wt his wyfe in Thurston Church in a Chapell over aganst his fathers chap: where his Armes doeth appeare wt his Crosse Tuny. See below, Nicholas Drury.
  • Pg.354
    • Drury of Hawstead.
  • Nicholas Drury of Saxham's in Thurston, made will, Arch. Sudb., at Bury St. Edmunds, 4 Jan. 1454, proved 2 Sept. 1456. To be buried near his parents in Thurston church. Names Sir Roger Drury, his late brother; Felice, wife of his son, Roger Drury, &c. = Joan, dau. of Thomas Heath, Esq., of Mildenhall.; ch: Roger (m. Agnes _ & Felice Denston & Agnes Hanningfield), Elizabeth (m. _ Monk), Henry (m. Elizabeth Eaton) Drury.
  • Roger Drury, Esq., bought Hawstead, 3 Edw. 4. Will, Cur. Ep. Norw., 20 Jan. 1493. Inq. p.m. 13 H. 7. Ob, 31 Jan. H. 7. = Agnes, named in husband's M.I. = Felice, dau. & heir of William Denston of Besthorpe, co. Norfolk.; ch: Felice (m. Jas. Andrews), John, Roger, William (m. Margaret Briggs), Sir Robert (m. Anne Calthorpe & Anne Jerningham), Katherine (m. Sir Henry L'Estrange & Sir Robert Ratcliff) Drury.
  • Sir Robert Drury of Hawstead, of the Privy Council of King Henry VII. Will, P.C.C. 32 Hogan, 8 Feb. 1535. Inq. p.m. 27 H. 8, Altar tomb in St. Mary's, Bury. = Anne, 1st wife, dau. of Sir William Calthorpe of Burnham Thorpe, co. Norff., who made will, Cur. Ep. Norw., 1491. Harl. MS. 10.; ch: Bridget (m. Sir John Jernegan), Sir Wm. (m. Joan St. Maur & Elizabeth Sotehill), Anne (m. Sir George Waldegrave & Sir Thomas Jermyn), Elizabeth (m. Sir Philip Boteler), Sir Robert (m. Elizabeth Brudenell), Ursula (m. Sir Giles Allington) Drury.; = Anne, 2d wife, dau. of Edward Jerningham of Somerleyton; widow of Lord Edward Grey and of . . . Berkeley. She m. 4th Sir Edmund Walsingham of Scadbury. Her will, P.C.C. 17 Chaynay, is dated 1 Mar. 1568.
  • Sir Wm. Drury of Hawstead, of the Privy Council of Queen Mary; aet. 36, 27 H. 8. Brass at Hawstead. Will, P.C.C. 26 Dec. 1557. = Joan, 1st wife, dau. and heir of Sir Wm. St. Maur; buried in Hawstead chancel; d. 1517.; = Elizabeth, dau. and coh. of Henry Sotehill of Stoke Faston, co. Leic. Ob. 19 May 1575. His Inq. p.m. 20 H. 7. His mother a coheir of Plompton. Her will, P.C.C. 42 Pyckering, proved 1575.; ch: Anne (m. Sir Christopher Haydon), Mary (m. Richd. Corbet & John Tyrrell), Robert (m. Audrey Rich), Henry (m. Elizabeth Isaac), Frances (m. James Hobart), Bridget (m. Henry Yelverton) Dorothy (m. Robert Rokewood), Elizabeth (m. Sir Robert Drury of Rougham) Drury.
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Hawstead, Suffolk, England
Возраст 23
Bures-St. Mary, Suffolk, England
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Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, England
Возраст 26
Smallbridge, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom
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Essex, England
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Smallbridge, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom