Ardashir II - Raja Iran XI (379–383), 11th Sasanian King of Persia

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Ardashir II - Raja Iran XI (379–383), 11th Sasanian King of Persia

Persian: اردشير دوم ساسانی(پادشاه یازدهم) - Raja Iran XI (379–383), 11th Sasanian King of Persia
Death: 383
Immediate Family:

Son of Shapur II, Emperor of Sasanian Persia and Kabul Sithil-Horak
Husband of Zenobia Apvallah Queen of Xionites and Hephthalites
Father of Shapur III - Raja Iran XII (383–388) and Zruanduxt
Brother of Shapur III, Emperor of Sasanian Persia; eran shah kavadh I -sassaniah parsi; Zurvandukht; Yubeh and Bahram .

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About Ardashir II - Raja Iran XI (379–383), 11th Sasanian King of Persia

Ardashir II (Middle Persian:ArdashirPahlaviName.png, Persian: اردشیر دوم‎‎), was the eleventh Sassanid King of Persia from 379 to 383. He was the brother of his predecessor, Shapur II (309–379).[2] During the reign of Shapur II, Ardashir had served as governor-King of Adiabene, where he had reportedly persecuted Christians.

However, the acts of brutality against Christians attributed to him severely contradict the unanimous view that he was the most kind and virtuous of the Sassanian rulers. Ardashir II was given the epithet "Nihoukar" or "Beneficent" by the Persians. The Arabs called him "Al Djemil" or "the Virtuous". According to the "Modjmel-al-Tewarikh," he took no taxes from his subjects during the four years of his reign, and thereby secured to himself their affection and gratitude.

Before becoming king of Persia, he was governor-King of Adiabene from 344 to 376. In 379 Shapur II, the older brother of Ardashir appointed him as his successor, making some Armenian writers to confuse Ardashir as son of Shapur II. It is believed that Ardashir took part in the defense of the Sasanian Empire with Shapur II when it was invaded by Emperor Julian. When Ardashir became king he ordered a rock relief to be made at Taq-e Bostan showing him flanked by Mithra and Ahura Mazda.

Relations With Armenia During his reign as Shah of Persia, events in Armenia seemed to occupy Ardashir's attention. The son of Arsaces II (Arshak II), Papas (Pap) had been murdered during Shapur's reign and the Romans had replaced him with a certain Varasdates (Varazdat) who was a member of the Arsacid family. However, real power was in the hands of Mushegh I Mamikonian, a noble in the Armenian court. Mushegh was suspected of having conspired with the Emperor of Rome and was murdered by Varasdates. This act roused the indignation of Mushegh's brother Manuel who rebelled against Varasdates and with the support of Persia deposed him and placed upon the Armenian throne Zarmandukht, the widow of Papas who was the mother of Arsaces III (Arshak III) and Papas' son, who made Manuel the sparapet or commander-in-chief. In return for their services, Manuel allowed the Persians to maintain a garrison in Armenia.

But this arrangement did not work for long. A nobleman named Merujan wrongly informed Manuel that the commandant of the Persian garrison desired to capture him. Enraged, Manuel fell upon the ten thousand Persian soldiers stationed in Armenia and murdered them. But Manuel died soon afterwards and confusion followed. Desirous of maintaining peace in the borderlands, the Roman Emperor Theodosius I and Ardashir decided upon a treaty. But Ardashir died in 383 before the treaty could be signed. The treaty was eventually signed and ratified by his nephew Shapur III in the year 384. His daughter Zruanduxt married the King Khosrov IV of Armenia.

About اردشير دوم ساسانی(پادشاه یازدهم) - Raja Iran XI (379–383), 11th Sasanian King of Persia (Persian)

ردشیر دوم از ۳۷۹ تا سال ۳۸۳ میلادی، پادشاه ساسانی بود. او برادر شاپور کبیر یا شاپور دوم بود که بعد از او به تخت پادشاهی نشست. اردشیر دوم برادر بزرگ شاپور دوم بود و به هنگامی که پدرش « هرمزد » کشته شد، او می توانست به شاهی برسد. در اين زمان شاپور دوم در شکم مادرش بود. با این همه بزرگان اردشير دوم را به شاهی نشناختند و تاج را بر شاپور كه هنوز به دنيا نيامده بود نهادند. اردشیر دوم برای این امر از بزرگان کینه به دل گرفت....

زمانی که اردشیر به قدرت رسید بیش از هفتاد سال از عمرش می‌گذشت. او شاهی بود بسیار سست ولی نیک فطرت. همچنين او هرگونه باج و خراجی را از مردم برداشت و به همین دليل بود که به اردشیر نیکوکار شناخته شد. در روی سکه‌های این پادشاه عبارت « کَرپ کَرتار » دیده می‌شود که به معنی نیکو کردار است. اردشير دوم به دلیل کینه‌ای که از اشراف و بزرگان داشت بسیاری از آنها را كشت و همین امر به همراه توجه بیش ار حد او به مردم، سبب شد که او را پس از 4 سال از قدرت برکنار کنند . در نقش اردشیر دوم که در طاق بستان است ( تصوير بالا )، اهورامزدا حلقه سلطنت به پادشاه عطا می‌کند. در پشت سر شاه « مهر » ایستاده ‌است و از انوار اشعه که بر گرد سرش هاله بسته شناخته می‌شود.

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Ardashir II - Raja Iran XI (379–383), 11th Sasanian King of Persia's Timeline