Astyoche, Queen of Troy, Dardania and Acacia

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您也姓Dardaniers, van de吗?

考证Dardaniers, van de氏源流

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Astyoche Dardaniers, van de

别名字号 "Astvocho", "of Acadia", "(van bijbelse mythe)"
生日 (179)
出生地 Arcadia, Greece
逝世 约-1300 (171-187)
Dardania, Asia Minor

Simios of Acadia之女
Erichthonius, King of Dardania的妻子
Tros, King of Troy之母

Occupation: Queen of Trojans, Queen of Troy, of Acadia, koning vd Dardaniers
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About Astyoche, Queen of Troy, Dardania and Acacia

ID: I62083

Name: Astyoche of Acadia

Given Name: Astyoche

Surname: of Acadia

Sex: F

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Change Date: 26 Nov 2005

Death: Y

Marriage 1 Erichthonius of Darania



Tros of Troy

Forrás / Source:

ASTYOCHE (Astyokhe) A Naiad daughter of the Trojan river Simoeis. She married a Trojan king.

ASTYOKHE (or Astyoche) was the Naiad Nymph of a fresh-water spring or fountain of the town of Troy in the Troad, Anatolia. Her son was Tros, founder of the city.

Astyoche married Erichthonius King Of Dardania, son of Dardanus King Of Dardania and Batea Teucri Of. (Erichthonius King Of Dardania was born in 1420 B.C., christened in 1368 B.C. and died in 1368 B.C..)

NOTE: Dates that are given here refer to B.C. ages.

Assaracus was king of the Dardanians, people living near Mount Ida in the Troad.

Hieromneme is a Naiad, daughter of Simois, one of the RIVER GODS.

Source<. Green Mithology Link

↑ La esposa de Asáraco y madre de Capis fue Hieromneme, según Apolodoro iii,12,2 o Clitodora, según Dionisio de Halicarnaso. Para este último autor, Hieromneme fue esposa de Capis y madre de Anquises.


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Hieromneme was a minor naiad of Asia Minor in Greek mythology. She was a daughter of the river-god Simoïs and the wife of Assaracus, by whom she bore Capys.

 ''' aka Astvocho af DARDANIA'''

Poss. Jullus i Roms 5-oldemor.

HM George I s 88-oldemor. 

HRE Ferdinand I s 84-oldemor.

Osawatomie 'Browns 94-oldemor.


Husband / Partner:       Erichthonius (King) i ACADIA 
 Child:       Trois af ACADIA


 Hendes (evt.) 2 (+)-oldebørn:       Anchisa   ,   Anchises den DARDANIAN   ,   Priamos Podarces (High King) i TROY   ,   Tithonius af TROY   ,   Hecuba (Hecabe) af Frygien   ,   Mnestheus (General) af TROY 




Astyoche, Queen of Troy, Dardania and Acacia的年谱

Arcadia, Greece
Turkey (Anatolia)
Dardania, Asia Minor